Kryssian Calendar

    The Kryssian Calendar was the standard method of keeping track of time in the League of United Planets, LUP. It was based on fourteen months, each twenty-six days in length (excluding the last, to which was added a day every four years on which began a massive festival that ended three weeks probably takes them four years to recover *wink*). Krys, the man for whom the city, college, and calendar were named for, was a dedicated scholar in his day (which was about 3500 years before the group left LUP). Though he allowed the ancient myths about which stone was appropriate for which month, what it meant, and which traits they brought with them, Krys did not believe in them. They are listed below because it was a long standing tradition that many Kryssians still considered true.

Human Dates Name Pronunciation Stone (Meaning) Trait
Jan 1-Jan 26 Riso Reye-soh Pearl (Joy) Humor
Jan 27-Feb 21 Vesu Vee-suu Garnet (seduction, persuation) Love
Feb 22-Mar 19 Lai Leye Moonstone/Limonalite (wisdom) Wisdom
Mar 20-Apr 14 Polan Poh-lahn Diamond (cunning, beauty) Passion
Apr 15-May 10 Mai Meye Aquamarine (purity) Creativity
May 11-June 5 Besu Bee-suu Onyx (happiness in wedlock) Honesty
Jun 6-Jul 1 Fino Feye-noh Opal (power) Duality
Jul 2-Jul 27 Iri Ear-ree Emerald (hope, constancy) Dedication
Jul 28-Aug 22 Lopin Loh-pihn Turquoise (speed,healing) Curiosity
Aug 23-Sep 17 Pilo Peye-loh Amethyst (nobility) Honor
Sep 18-Oct 13 Senala Seh-nah-lah Sapphire (truth) Sacrifice
Oct 14-Nov 8 Kas Kahs Ruby (virtue, success in war) Strength
Nov 9-Dec 4 Esa Ee-sah Topaz (longevity) Valor
Dec 5-Dec 31 Raeloa Ray-loh-ah Golden Beryl (hope) Courage

Aides Haila Riso 1 (January 1st)
Lian Kio Riso 26 (January 26th)
Venus Bati Vesu 18 (February 14th)
Nadia Vesu 22 (February 18th)
Agent Crozi Lai 17 (March 10th)
Gelbin Lai 25 (March 18th)
Sarah Jenson Polan 10 (March 30th)
Saturnia Mattiasa Polan 15 (April 5th)
Malinai Mars Polan 20 (April 10th)
Mosos Karena Mai 2 (April 17th)
Mosos Kavya Mai 2 (April 17th)
Humin Gaea Besu 2 (May 12th)
Torrle Fino 1 (June 6th)
Meseha Fino 1 (June 6th)
Malinai Saul Iri 19 (July 21st)
Grace Sicca Iri 20 (July 22nd)
Merkus Faragon Lopin 4 (July 31st)
Saturn Mattiasa Pilo 7 (August 30th)
Tristan Kenedias Pilo 12 (September 5th)
Sharla Mattiasa Senala 3 (September 20th)
Rowena Garcia Senala 22 (October 9th)
Jupisa Kenedias Kas 4 (October 17th)
Teya Litke Kas 15 (October 28th)
Frank Cooper Esa 12 (November 21st)
Iren Kenedias Esa 14 (November 23rd)
Pakhar Meemo Raeloa 5 (December 10th)
Matt Cooper Raeloa 20 (December 22nd)

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