Alright. This is it. A List of my Favorite Things...a quick reference guide for those of you who wish to make a certain Miss Josie quite smitten ;P hehe *Just Kidding* =) Read On.

Favorite Color: If its the perfect shade of yellow...otherwise I'm partial (as if you couldn't tell by parts of this site! hehe)

Favorite Food: Chicken Burgers and Curly Fries =D

Favorite Flower: Orange Roses (Lucille Ball I think), or Lillies (any variety! Tiger Lillies, Lily of the Valleys...yum!)

Favorite Book: Um, so many its hard to say. I love Melanie Rawn and Christopher Pike (he's a left over from my oh-so-wild youth :P). Fond of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, thrillers, historical fictions, biographies...etc etc etc. I sort of like books :P Gee, big surprise! One of my all-time favorite books is Red Dog by Bill Wallace. The Howdunit Series is great...ooh! Patricia Cornwell rocks...and The Floating World by Cynthia Kadohata! The Color Purple by Alice Walker...Yes, I could go on.

Favorite Band: I've got tons of favorites; Leah Andreone, Amanda Marshall, Sherrié Austin, Wild Orchid, Meredith Brooks, MatchBox 20, The Monkees, Weird :)

Favorite Song: Tenderly, Sherrié Austin; You & Me, Wild Orchid; Who Are They To Say?, Leah Andreone; Bitch, Meredith Brooks; Daydream Believer, The Monkees (ooh, Davey ;P); Stand By Me, Ben E. King; Kryptonite, 3 Doors Down; Last Resort, Papa Roach; almost any Hex Hector remix; I'm Outta Love, Anastasia; Any showtune hehe; You should see my playlist on WinAmp, its crazy...need I go on?

Favorite Musical: Okay. Les Miz is like, the greatest thing... The novel? Amazing. The musical? Wonderiffically moving. Of course, I also have a soft spot for Jekyll & Hyde, Miss Saigon, Oklahoma...and *wink* Lil' Abner.

Pets: Well. I've got one smallish cat, Juno-Felicity (*not* named after that WB show...oy VEY!) and a mediumish (that's NOT a word is it? o'well, hehe) dog, Keiko. Also the house claims; Bonnie (the old cat), Cannabis (she's cross-eyed! That's the explaination for the name! hehe...also a cat), Jaz the Mad Cat (yes his name *is* "Jaz, The Mad Cat"...don't ask hehe)...and Buddy, a little pom mix who lives in our basement with my Aunt & Uncle.

Favorite Movie: Okay. This is a horrible thing to decide. I love so many movies. Instead..I'll just spit out some that I like...The Matrix, Demon Knight, Lean On Me, T2: Judgement Day, Jeffery, Sleeping Bueaty, Mulan, Last Unicorn, Sailor Moon R,S,Super S...Predator, Con Air, Face Off, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Wedding Banquest, Eat Drink Man Woman, Pump Up The Volume, 10 Things I Hate About You, Shakespeare in Love, Dead Alive, The Lost Boys, Life of Brian, Meaning Of Life, Holy Grail, Gleaming The Cube, Idle Hands, Payback, Jet Li's Enforcer, Fools Rush In, Mickey Blue Eyes, and the Indiana Jones movies...that's prtty much me just reading off movies from my shelf! hehe

Most Hated Movie: The 1998 Remake of Les Miz. It sucked so hard my friend and I spent almost two hours afterward sitting in the Denny's bitching about it. No movie before has sucked *that* much. The idiot that wrote the screenplay should be dragged out into a public square and bashed over the head with a rubber chicken for hours on end....Oh yeah, this is an opinion, so if you liked the movie (even though I think you're a moron for saying so, hehe), more power to you. Every one deserves their own thoughts (even if they are stupid).

Favorite Actors: Generally, I wouldn't say I like celebs much, but I do happen to think a few Actors are worth mentioning...repeatedly if necessary ;) Sean Connery. James Earl Jones. Morgan Freeman. Nicholas Cage. Samuel L. Jackson. John Malkovich. Winona Ryder. Billy Zane. Christina Ricci. Oh yeah...and I do like Matthew Perry..."Chandler" from Friends too. Don't hate me ;) (Uh oh! How could I have forgotten to mention my newest flavor...Heath Ledger. *yummy* Have you seen the Patriot? Maybe you should, he is absolutely...delicious (not to mention a pretty good actor too).