And on come the pictures...they're sort of organized. If you see a you know the pic is from the most recent updates! There are just a few little categories: Pics of Josie, of Fam & Friends, of Pets, of Acting, and of that shouldn't be too hard. I'm sure there'll be a lot more in the days to come. I think my scanner is on its last legs and I have to get as much done as possible =)

Pics of Ushi
JoC. looking sorta...nice ;) hehe
JoC. looking sorta smug...10/2000
JoC. ~ Sept/Oct 2000
JoC. messing with the webcam 5/22/2000
Mum, JoC & Leo making faces. 10/00
HP, ST, & SB before the BC Trip 3/00
Ew! JoC. :P
Surprise Polaroid taken 10/18/2000!
Leo and JoC being boneheads!
Baby JoC.
Young JoC. with Clarinet
Evie & JoC as chiddlers
JoC. Giggles (a common thing)
JoC. on a motorbike
JoC. @ 16
JoC's Head (2000...recent) but..."unique"

Pics of Pets
Skeeter Skyhook, my beagle
Jaz...snoozing (with his stuffed cow)
Keiko (and Reeka sort of)...snoozing
Cannabis (the cat...heh)

Pics of my Acting Days
The Lil Abner Cast
Phogbound from Lil Abner (Kevin)
Evil Eye Flegal & Bullmoose (Adam & Brandon)
The "New" Husbands In Lil Abner
Lil' Abner & Daisy Mae (Nelson & Meghan)
Mammy (Sarah) & Pappy (Pat!) from Lil Abner
Snort the Serpin-Snake's Cave
The Wives of Dogpatch Bow

4 of my hand"crafted" Lizards!
A snap-jpg of the top of my computer...?
Local Cows
Dick person
John Berry @ the Gorge!
JoC. with Jeff Bridges
The Orgasmic Car
My Favorite Forward

Pics of Family & Friends
My Sweetie Laughing (at me?!!)
Justin...just look and drool ;)
Aww...My Dad...mid 1950s!
Mum, Ev and I in Mid-Oct
One of Ev's Senior Pics!
Another of Evie's Beauteous Pics
Awww, Timmy & Leo
Shannon Roe :)
Keri & Jeremy
HP is a Pimp Daddy!
Tim & Travis, photo by Amy
Baby M'Lynda
Becca & Tim
Evie & her Pimpmobile
Evie @ Homecoming 99
Evie's Head circa 97?
Cute Little Evie
My family in late 1981
My family in 1995...I think
My family...1984?
Holly (the bald one)
Mom & Shelly Boy
Keri R. at Homecoming 97
Keri @ Prom 98
Mom and P.J.
Mrs. Dorland!
My Mum & Dad
Lenora in a cute hat!
Tim as a lil boy
Logan @ FFR
Patrick John
Shannon Roe, Keri, Sherrie, Me
Tim & his friend Laurel
The Williamsons in 1995
The Williamsons in 1985
Sammie & Gramma
Rayanne & Barrett
Sammie holds Baby Rayanne