Newest Additions - Updated 6/3/2000

Warning...Some pictures are somewhat large & may take several seconds to load =)

    BTW, This *newer* new gallery, is organized a bit differently. It will have the picture as well as a short description of the picture, perhaps why I drew it, what the inspiration was...etc. Updated 6/3/2000 - Today...some

Well, its from the People 50 Most Beautiful People is supposed to be Neve Campbell, but I've been told that it doesn't resemble her much. C'est la vie! Its the most recent "real person" drawing I've done. Try to ignore her receeding hairline, that was unintentional ;P What do you think of it? Tell me. imaginary guy. I suppose there was a magazine ad or something that he was inspired by, but I'll be damned if I can find/remember it now. This was the first guy I drew (obviously, I've never been very good at drawing guys...hehe). I warned you I'd post it next time ;) heheTell me what You thought.
Hey! Something I actually concieved of...*breaks into song pretending that she sounds like Lea Salonga* "On My Own! Hehe, no really...this is all me. It was supposed to be Nia, all vulnerable in the middle, with mini-portraits of herself as a minion of Iren and of Khyros.Tell me.
Well...this is the cast of TED III; Infinity...give or take =) The back row (from left to right): Teya, Matt, Grace, Merkus, Rowena, Sarah, Frank. The next row (l/r): Bati, Gaea, Tristan. In front of Gaea: Karena, Nia. In front of them: an infant.
Crozi I'm posting this old bit of art as new simply because I just added him to the gallery and thought he deserved a place of visibility for once!
Chaos ~*~Spoiler Alert~*~ Well, this is a brand spanking new picture of Chaos...essentially, its the same as the old one...but its new now ;P So there! hehe
Life Well, this is a similarily brand-spanking new picture of Life...changed a few things about her far as my drawings go. ^_^
Karena Magically, a new picture of the sweet Khyronian animal lover...I hadn't realized it when I drew the little picture, but she looks a lot bustier than she should. O'well...try to ignore that as well.^_-
Khyros Just Khyros D'Khyron in all ;P hehe
Conceptual Artwork of the TED Weapons (Gen. 1 & 2) Well, that sort of says it all. Everyone from Gen 1 & 2 has a corresponding weapon on this little sub-gallery page.Tell me.

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