Ahh...what to write this very first time? The weird dreams I've been having since I started talking to ~name withheld to protect my "dignity" and their privacy hehe~ ? I dunno exactly how to explain them, because they've haven't exactly been nightmares or even ecstatic dreams. One was scary...terribly scary. Another was veeeeery pleasant. And yet...I don't know. Maybe its just another one of my retarded insomnia things kicking in. Whatever. Its no big deal...yet. And none of them have interfered with my current recurring dream...so that's good. I still have it regularily...the one where I'm flying over a desolate canyon, down within the walls but above the rocky ground...and I come up to a rise, then as I look over there is a lush, green forest waiting for just me below. And I walk through the forest, its misty most of the time, and I either walk along or cross the river (which is fast, but not white-water)...until I get to the cabin. There's someone waiting for me...but I never manage to see who it is. Damn them for being in my "happy place" and not showing me who they are :P hehe

     What else? My stupid history prof this Q. and his EVIL test today?!?!?! I've never felt that...stupid...after taking a history exam...ever. History is one of my best subjects. Yet today I left the room feeling moronic and...cheated. Ugh! It was a terrible test. But there's always my Japanese class, which I adore! Even when my conversation partner (based solely on our choice of seat), Garcia-san (no, I don't know her first name) is absent and the profs take pity on me. They've been really nice in general, especially Nelson-sensei...who was amused when I waved like mad at him one afternoon after seeing him on campus, and who also managed to recognize my mother after seeing her in the car that day... Weird. He's a cool guy =) I hope one day I can have that sort of grasp on the language and the culture. For now I have to be satisfied in the knowledge that I've got the grammar we've worked on down pat and my hiragana is pretty good...because my speaking leaves something to be desired. O'well, I just have to work on that =) Since I'm about to head off to bed (after uploading alllllll of the crud I did this afternoon) I can say "Oyasumi-nasai" I think...? hehe, maybe I'm not as up to snuff as I'd thought...back to the books.