(note...post-Friday night..."fun".)

     Tonight's topic? How do you know when you've fallen for someone? I wouldn't really know I guess. Is it when you're thinking of them yet again and you realize you can't stop smiling? Maybe... What about when you swear you're not going to do it, not go there, not fall, because it hurts too much. And then suddenly you're sitting at a table with your best friend and her recently arrived boyfriend and they get up to slow dance and suddenly you're on the verge of (gasp) tears (which never happens...almost never...). Why...jealous maybe...that they're together right now and you're 2000+ miles away from this person you care about... so you get up from the table and go stand outside in 20 degree weather and can't even convince yourself that everything is okay. AHHHH!!!!! So yeah. That was my Friday night.
     It was weird... but its a good thing. I mean, really. Even if the distance sucks...which it does. Of course, it complicates things. But I guess things always get harder when there is...you know, feeling involved... I'm so reluctant to let myself go there. But here it goes anyway. I am so glad that we found each other. And I am so excited to be with you that I hardly slept a wink last night. I watched the minutes and hours tick by and wished that I was curled up next to you. I watch other couples together and get jealous because I finally found some wonderful one that I really *want* to be with AND who miraculously wants me...but right now we're too far apart to do even those mundane couple things... Of course, last night we played Crib on the Zone.com...Adrian kicked my ass, won 6/6 to 0/6 or something, but it was fun. Sort of strange to be together, even though we weren't. Its funny how you can get the idea, even from such a little thing, that we'll get along in person. I got that feeling anyway. But of course, I just can't wait to maul him. hehe
     Anyway, Adrian, since you're about the only person who reads this...I know I should tell you these things directly, but I'm working on it. *winks* So when are we going out again? ;) hehe *kisses to ya*