(note...written as DJ plays FF8 in the living room, Leo packs in her bedroom, Adrian wants to play Crib, and I just want to...update my journal I guess...)

     WHOO HOO! Finals are over. I know I managed to squeak out an A- in my crappy History exam...yay. Got an A on my Criminology term paper. Perfect score ;p hehe... Geneaology will be fine...its just Japanese that has me up in arms... I dunno how I did on either of my oral interviews (mid-term or final)...and even though I got an A on the written mid term, I didn't do much prep at all for the final written...ahh! Should get a report soon though. *Whew* This quarter will be good for my crappy college GPA (thanks to that damn psych bastard who gave me a C and the math prof who was nice enough to give me a D, heh...)
     So. What else is going on? Ooh! Adrian just called me! *dances around in a happy circle* :) ... Damn I want that boy...er...man ;) I just love talking to him on the phone. He's got this sexy voice...*rawr* Just wanna maul him!!! *sighs* I don't think I've ever wanted to be with anyone as much as I want to be with him.
     Mmm...such thoughts. *rawr* Anyway...Well gee. Lenora just left (again) without saying goodbye. *sighs*
     Ahhh! :/ What do you do when you're *almost* delioriously happy and yet there's this little bastard of a voice in your brain telling you not to be? Grr...advice please! hehe...
     *kisses to Adrian* Night all!