Never Let The Sun Set On Tomorrow, Before The Sun Rises Tomorrow.

     So, as I sit here listening to T.T. Ma singing "Prism" and wondering why it bothers Lenora so much when I play foriegn music. So what if I don't know what they're saying, I like the song =) hehe Okay, but my strange tastes in music aside, this entry is just sort of a reflection on something that happened to me at the beginning in June. No real specifics necessary, not that I think "he" will ever read this or anything, but someone else could put two and two together and considering (I think) I've managed to keep it from those someonelses that matter...I just won't do it. But it all started when I was going thru some old files, looking for all this poetry I wrote a couple months ago and never got around to posting. Didn't find the poems, but I did come across two things that sort of...summed up my take on the whole thing. Its sort of disturbing :) One was a fictionalized account of the night, which dropped off just as things got interesting ;) hehe The other was from "his" point of view, also WAAAAY fictionalized, but it was what I thought he (or someone like him) might think. I know it isn't what he really thought, considering that I know some of his Ex-GFs, lol. I'm thinking of going ahead and posting it here, but its a pretty sad clue into my own insecurities. *winks* Oh what the hell, anyone who'd bother to delve this far into STG prolly knows me well enough to see that this is fiction =)

     There was just something about her. That frizzy, wild red hair, that wide-eyed smile. He couldnít put his finger on it, but everytime he looked at her it was there. Staring at him from deep within those smiling blue-green eyes. And he knew she wasnít his type, he dismissed his thoughts and tried to move on. But he couldnít. There was just something about that girl.
     He was not into her sort of girl. Not the brainy, intellectual type. Definately not the pale, freckle-sprinkled ones, the ones who spent much of their free time in front of their monitors. No, he was not into the ones who wore nothing but jeans and plain shirts. The ones who didnít care about appearances and would walk into the grocery store without make-up on a Sunday. He was into perfection. He was into girls with coiffed hair, painted nails, waxed legs and matching accessories. Girls who would list their hobbies as biking, hiking, and sex. Not virgins with no clue as to how to attract a man. He was into seductresses, he was into women who knew what they wanted and how to go about getting it. He was just not into her type of girl.
     And yet he found himself intrigued by the sweet way she blushed when she made eye contact with him. Beguiled by her innocence, one might say, but he was not one of them. He watched her working with interest, staring until she cracked and starting laughing with him. Even as he kissed her, he didnít know why. Looks werenít everything, any self-respecting person would conceed that, even if they knew deep down that fat chicks were repulsive no matter who they were. But she wasnít repulsive, he didnít have to convince himself. Maybe it was the beers he had consumed earlier, but he doubted it. There was just something about her.

See? What'd I tell ya? *blushes* The other one was worse =) Wanna see some of that too? Oy vey!

     Kate smiled at him, he was a new one, but she thought his name was Scott. Heíd been giving her good-natured shit since heíd arrived last night about wanting him. She wasnít good at flirting, she wasnít very outgoing, she wasnít confident at all. Kate tugged at the bottom edge of her new shirt, plunging in the front and in the back. On a thin girl it would have probably been sexy, but on a young woman as fat as Kate, it was just a joke. At least thatís what she told herself..............
     ..............Kate rolled her eyes, yet again, definately ready to retreat. "Not you,"she muttered. A stiffled laugh brushed her ear and she turned. Scott smiled down at her, agreeing. She stepped away from him, ducking under the thick arm of another guy whose name she couldnít remember. There seemed to be a lot of them around tonight.

Ahh? And that's just a bit of's really much worse =) hehe So yeah. Just thinking about that today. Let's just say, I hope I handle myself better in January than I did in June. *whew*