Three's better than I thought I'd do. So I'm listening to this new (?) song by Ricky Martin called "She Bangs". Okay, and granted it has me dancing around and wanting to have some hot sex *ahem* But that's beside the point. After a few minutes of bopping around...I started listening to the words (like the title isn't enough :P)...The lyrics are crazy, but they're not as bad as Shake Your Bon Bon...In the Himalayas, C'mon I wanna lay'ya"...What? But they're still dumb. And I was listening to the local "pop" station the other day and heard Backstreet Boys... How do you show someone the meaning of being lonely? And Larger than Life? Does that song make any sense at all?! I mean, not every song needs to be deep, but just because it rhymes doesn't make it good. Seriously. I won't even start on a tangent with Britney Spears (sp?)...and some of the others. Can we say contrived?
    But I admit it, I'm a sucker for romantic songs, romance...all of that *sighs* Moving there's my winamp play list right now...and its almost all love songs. Should I be worried? hehe...Maybe that's just something I have an unspoken desire for. O'well...a remix of Cher's "Walking In Memphis" is on, I've got HP to thank for this song...hehe =) "He asked are you a Christian child, and I said, Man I Am tonight!" hehe
    It never really mattered much to me, that you were just too damned old for me. All that really mattered was that you were my boyfriend. And baby that was all that mattered to me. Let me love you down, even if it takes al lnight. Let me love you down, you know its gonna be so right." Inoj...Joni? I heard that somewhere...prolly HP again. *smiles* Just babble about lyrics for awhile ;P Ugh...I love music, all sorts of music. For a sample of songs I've got on my playlist right now:
Gee, Officer Krupke, West Side Story
Blackhole Sun, Soundgarden
Blame Canada, SP
Think of Me, Phantom O.T.Op.
Always, Bon Jovi
I Wanna Be Sedated, Offspring
You're Pretty When I'm Drunk, Bloodhound Gang
A Whole Bunch of Weird Al
Some Guys & Dolls
Maneater, Hall & Oates
Some Destiny's Child
A LOT of 80s Rock & Pop
Prism, T.T. Ma...and some other Korean and J-Pop groups
Pretty much every song by 3 Doors Down and B.U.O.Souls...
Black Velvet, Alannah Myles
Bette Midler, The Rose
Candle on the Water, Helen Reddy (awww, I love that song!)
Old Cher, New Cher
Adam Sandler, hehe
The AWESOME Dj Amanda mix of "Shackles" by Mary Mary
Sex & Candy, Marcy Playground
Bryan White...SHeDAISY...and Sherrie Austin
Bryan Adams...who doesn't need a good Canuck around? ;) hehe
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Sons of the Desert
I could go on. I've got soooo much crap on this list. All Hail Napster! *ahem* Not that I have ever used it or would ever consider doing so. Because according to those who *must* know...Its wrong to do so. Yup Yup.

Enough. Bye :)
Oh wow, my friend Kevin just said he's been reading these already. Weird. hehe.