(note...concerning Friday night's....um...field trip ;P hehe)

     Um...so I've been meaning to write about this since it happened. Friday night. Seems innocuous enough, right? Hah! Well every 1st Friday of the month CWU does "Club Central" and has a couple comedy acts in. We went to the one in October, and btw, you should go see the movie "His and Hers" (I think that's the title) in January, because the comic in it, David Arnold (I think) is hilarious...anyway, he (whomever he was) was the headliner in October. Friday Leo and I went, and I took my mum and her friend Joyce because I thought it would be nice to involve them in something like that. No problem. We made a night of it, hehe...Papa Murphy's and Club Central, whoo hoo! So that was great. The woman opener...Amy Levine (I think, ahh...I'm soo bad about remember these sort of details lately)...was pretty damn funny =) Then the headliner came on, Elliot Maxx (or Max Elliot, not sure, hehe)...and he did some musical comedy, which I love. All hail Weird Al? ;-) hehe... So what if I think he's sexy? Maybe I like guys with long curly hair...and I can definately vouch that if a guy makes me laugh, I'm *so* his. hehe *smiles* Hmm...I hope my own curly haired friend is okay...haven't heard much of him today. LOL, apparently some people actually DO things with their time...go figure. ANYWAY back to the story.
     So after the hilarious acts were done Leo and I got the car and brought it around for mum and Joyce. When we pulled around, they were standing there B.S.'ing with Maxx Elliot...hehehe...it was funny. Then he climbed into his family mini-van and drove away. Then we headed home...or so I thought. Mom and Joyce insisted (and Leo agreed) on going to the Eagles club for kareoke night and drinks (well, not for us poor as-yet-underaged chicks :P)... For those of you who don't know, the Eagles is short for Fraternal Order of the Eagles...a lodge...um...in Ellensburg it tends to be a whole bunch of stereotypical rednick/hick/cowboys and their bleach blonde women... Now I refused to sing, didn't really wanna be there anyway and I personally think I've got a terrible singing voice (although one chick who sang several times was HORRIBLE *ahem* no really, it was painful to hear)... So we ended up not performing, but I got to watch my cute little Italian mother twirl around the dance floor with this white haired, gimpy little guy (who amazingly enough was very agile and limpless while dancing). It was so cute. Meanwhile, Leo and I endured the digusting ogling of a couple of middle aged guys...and that was fun. Learned something very important about myself. Oh yes, it was an epiphany. Amazing. Whooooo...changed my damn life I tell you. You know how the slutty chicks in movies can always tie a cherry stem with their tongues? Apparently "in real life" if you can do it, means you're a good kisser. Of course Leo can do it ;P lol...turns out I can too. *Sighs* all this talent going to waste ;-) heheh Just Kidding. Anyway, so the night started out great, and turned out pretty good considering...and I'm out of semi-clever witticisms... Hey, I admitted semi-clever :P hehe Just wanted to make sure everyone knows how flippin' CUTE my little mother is. I just love her sometimes =D hehe
*hugs to Adrian!*