(note...I don't know when I last wrote such sappy poetry. It started out as a great little image and turned to crap, o'well.)

     Today sucked. No really, it did. I studied too much Criminology and not enough Japanese so when I got to class and Garcia-san wasn't there I had to do the oral practice with Prof. Nelson (Nelson-sensei)...which ALWAYS flusters me. Felt like an idiot, but c'est la vie. Learned a lot so it was worth it. Then scooted across to Farrell hall and took the Crim. exam...AHHAHAHAH! I knew about 7 answers for sure...good eh? Not really. 7 out of 50...oh joy. Can't wait to get the score back on that. Maybe I'll get lucky. *winks* If only ;) hehe...*you know who you are and now so does everyone, Adrian! ;) hehe* lol
     Okay, as if that wasn't bad enough start for the day (well, the really early beginning was excellent because I woke up to the valley's first snow! YAY!)...then I went to history. Dr. Newbill was smoking crack again, I swear. He was allllll over the place with his massacre'd chalk and refusal to observe the personal bubble boundaries. Oh my. So then that was over...and the dull dull dull....Geneaology with Mr. Storla, he's funny, but I was too tired to care much....*yawn* I dunno. It seemed sucky til I had to look back and try to remember why.

     Apparently my little sister and a few of the "Army Guys" are coming up this weekend to kidnap some furniture for Ev's new apartment. So at least some part of the 3-day weekend will be interesting. *smiles* Um...oh yeah, that poem. I was going to let you read it if you wanted. Its a little blue graphic, so....just click below to check that out. Ummm....Hi Kevin! umm...Oooh, Golden Girls is starting, time for bed. Night all!
What Could Be

*kisses to someone pretty damn spiffy, also known as Adrian!*