Karena grew up with her identical twin, Kavya. Both were borne of a very distinguished line. Their ancestors were governors, regents, doctors, scientists, colonels, and philantropists. Karena knew that she was constantly in the shadow of her flashier, louder, and more "charming" sister. Her parents weren't often around, and the twins played pranks aboard the various spacestations, ships, and mansions they inhabitated. Gradually, they arrived in secondary school, Karena top of her class, Kavya right behind her (via cheating, most would say). Karena was accepted into the acedemy at age 16, graduated with honors at 17, and was an Elite Squadron Captain by age 18. Now, at the age of 19 she is the top scientist on the Posiola, which is the flag ship of the Khryonian military and the home of Khyros, General, Chancellor, Emperor...etc, of Khyron. Her duties are many; she oversees the medi-bay, and all scientific reasearch labs aboard the vessel, and she organizes the interplanetary covert operations (in the absense of Agent Lian Kio, who has changed gears and is acting mechanical supervisor on the ship). Karena avoids love and men at every chance, having seen what being engaged to Khyros did to her twin, Kavya. Suddenly, their closeness is gone and a strange, unfillable chasm has been created between them. Karena certainly never expected to fall for a prisoner, to follow up on which would be equivalent to high treason.
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Name: Mosos Karena

Sex: Female

Race: Khyronian (genetically, nearly identical to Humans)

Born: Polan 17 (April)

Age: 19

Height: 5'4"

Hair Color:Light Emerald Green

Eye Color: Deep, soulful brown

Appearance: Her looks are soft and understated. Karena chooses pleated skirts of various lengths over the typical Elite Squad uniform. She, in the tradition of Khyron women, wears a white (for purity) headband from which dangle a sheer veil. Karena's veil is reduced to two small wisps of fabric due to her standing in intelluctual and politcal arenas. Often found hanging her head, or hiding in shadows, Karena is quiet and easy to miss.

Weapons: Karena has no magical gifts of her own, is skilled with the guns, lasers, and knives that an Elite Squad member must be.

Attacks: Karena dislikes physical attacks and violence, but does use her own commands of L/S well. Similar to Sarah's attacks.

Talisman: Sentimental as she is, Karena's most likely keepsakes she gives to those she cares about.

Favorite Color: White, burgandy

Favorite Food: Steamed white rice with vegatables (sometimes with a peanut-like sauce)

Likes: Animals, science, Nia

Dislikes: Being pushed around, Khyros and her sister's schemes.

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