The Rulers

    Both Iren and Jupisa were born on Loia, LUP. His youth was spent with relatives, passed from family to family until he earned his way into the prestigous Kryss University where he met a beautiful, brilliant military history major, Jupisa Olpas. From the moment they met both knew that it was meant to be. Defying her conservative parents who wanted her to marry someone in a financially secure position, Jupisa married her sweetheart, Iren, who had a dual degree in law and psychology. Iren went into politics and was elected mayor of Kryss for an unprecedented three terms of six years each. During his reign Jupisa had given birth to a son, Tristan. Following his final term in office Iren grew very vocal in federal politics. As Tristan entered Kryss University, Iren was elected Governor of Loia. Jupisa had secured a position as a LUP Defense Corp Professor at their academy. When the opportunity to join the "party" arose, Iren and Jupisa lept at it, fighting to keep out Tristan's young girlfriend, Gaea. They failed. Eventually they rose to power over a vast race upon Jupiter where the refugees from dying planets came to seek a new home. Now their world has begun its death and they want to take over the only other successful planet so that their guests can leave Jupiter. Both have set their gaze upon Earth...

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Name: Iren Kenedias

Sex: Male

Race: Antan (very similar to Human, but typical height for either sex is at least six feet)

Born: Senala 14th

Age: 42 (at departure)

Height: 7'4"

Hair Color:Deep Green

Eye Color: Black

Appearance: Iren wears a navy blue uniform with a long red cape that reaches from his shoulders to his ankles. His boots reach several inches below the knee. Diagonally from his right shoulder his shirt is decorated by five golden medallions. Iren's hair is long and wavy, stretching past his shoulders. He wears a tri-pointed crown and his eyes are typically narrowed as he seems to be eternally angry. Though middle-aged Iren is still strangely handsome.

Weapons: ren bears a staff. It has a twisted shaft, curling toward a blade at the base and a purple jewel surrounded by two wings at the top. The jewel is his planet's life/soul crystal. Iren also carries the wind/water crystal from Jupiter upon his crown.

Attacks: Several unspoken attacks as well as "Termination" and "Life Web" which surrounds a person in a web of energy-sucking strings.

Favorite Color:Dark green

Favorite Food: Roast Tohan (it tastes like chicken! *s*)

Likes: Jupisa, ruling Jupiter, harassing Gaea, politics, history

Dislikes: Gaea, The Eternal Defenders

Name: Jupisa Olpas-Kenedias

Sex: Female

Race: Antan

Born: Pulo 3

Age: 39 (at time of departure)

Height: 6'5"

Hair Color:Dark Burgandy

Eye Color: Bright Blue

Appearance: Jupisa wears a navy blue uniform that flares into a skirt at her hips. Her legs are covered from toe to upper thigh by black heeled boots. Diagonally from her right shoulder are seven small golden medallions. Jupisa's hair is short and bluntly cut, highlighting her sharp features. Although she possesses a tiara, similar to Iren's, Jupisa only dons it for official governmental functions as it hinders her fighting (at which she excells). She rarely changes expressions and is typically bitchy. At thirty-nine she still appears youthful, though she never has been particularly beautiful.

Weapons: Jupisa carries a long, curved sword with which she is amazingly skilled. In its ornate handle is the fire/ice crystal of Jupiter. In her youth she was a champion archeress and a markswoman.

Attacks: Many unspoken attacks, brute force is her most effective attack

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Strawberry Wine (beverage, but wth?! *g*)

Likes: Iren, theory of war, history, fighting

Dislikes: Gaea, Insubordination

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