"Feels good, to wonder what I'm doing here
Feels right, getting smashed with god all night
Exploit my mind
To each his own king, within his own tribe
Define for me free at last
We are history, they don't want no human contrast"
From Who Are They To Say
Written by Leah Andreone & Rick Neigher

    Leah Andreone is a genuine artist, as far as I'm concerned, one of the most incredible songwriters to date. Every song she's written (and released) is filled with an amazing array of emotions...and most of it strikes a real chord with the listener...or so HP & ST think...SB is out on the subject, I think she was lost upon hearing the song "Hell To Pay". I know this little page itself doesn't have much to say, but I don't pretend to be an expert in Leah-dom...just that I love her music and recommend that *you* check her out! Er...assuming of course you haven't already, hehe.
Elsewhere in Sweet Tangerine's Garden...
Leah Wallpaper and Leah Windows Logos.
And for the *real* scoop on Leah, check out the great page @ LeahAndreone.Com!

P.S. For those who *haven't* checked out the Allies page to see what HP, ST, & SB stand for...
Happy Potato (Tim), Sweet Tangerine (Josie), and Sassy Beansprout (Lenora).
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