The Goddess

    Life, also known as by her ancient name, Jovia, is an immortal being. She is the mate of Chaos, and Mother of all things. When the vast, infinate empty blackness met the white spark of life and love, time began. From then on, with the aid of their children, Life and Chaos reigned over the entire universe. Life is the benevolent Goddess, kind, considerate, and loving. Her existance is as unfathomable as the infinate cosmos she rules. The cycle that never ends is her constant thought, everything relates to that ultimately and Life, in her wisdom, relays her experiences in viewing the universe from start to finish, then over again for all eternity.
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Name: Jovia

Sex: Female (although sex is not actually her typical state of being)

Race: Immortal Being

Born: The Dawn Of Time

Age: Innumberable

Height: 5'9" (in her visible form)

Hair Color:Icy Blue

Eye Color: Soft Green

Appearance:Life's typical form, as she appears to any of the beings she choses to show herself too, is a female approximately 25-30 years of age. She possesses an aura of love even when limiting herself to a mortal form for a time. Life wears long, billowing gowns of the most beautiful shades in the cosmos.

Weapons: Aside from being the supreme pacifist, Life would have no use for weapons.

Attacks: What? And spoil the book?

Talisman: Life has no use for keepsakes, but does wear a single bracelet in the form of a snake that eats its own tail...symbolizing the everlasting cycle she herself is a part of.

Favorite Color: How could she choose just one?

Favorite Food: Goddesses need no such sustanance.

Likes: Everything

Dislikes: Nothing

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