Logos By JoC!

The Eternal Defenders Logos
Shut-Down Logo Featuring Sarah!
Gaea's Start-Up Logo
T.E.D. Weapons in a Shut-Down Logo
A Gaea, Tristan & T.E.D. Start-Up Logo
Chaos & Life Wait Logo
Karena & Nia Logo
If You Believe....Ro
Sailor Moon
The Inner Senshi on a Shut-Down Logo
A Start-Up w/Inners, Chibi-Usa & Mamoru
Manga Inners on a Start-Up Logo
An Inners & Outers Shut-Down Logo
Start-Up with the Amazoness Quartet! ;)
Rei & Minako Start-Up Logo!
Red Dwarf Logos
The cast of Series VII
Western-Style Dwarfers ;)
Final Fantasy
Squall's Start-Up!
The studly Witch Edea!
A Rinoa's Shut-Down
Start-Up w/The SEED Logo
Feel Her Wrath Wait/Shut-Down
Feel Her Wrath Start-Up

All of the above Logos were created by J. Childs, so please do not take them with my permission. I'm sure there'll be much more in the future, so check back soon! =) ~*~Updated 5/06/2000~*~

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Aya Brea's Shut-Down Logo!
Cute Turtle Start-Up
A Panther Start-Up Logo
The Cast of "Reboot" =)
New Additions
(May 14th, 2000)

The Faces Of Venus Bati
Humin Gaea & Earth
The Amber Eye of Edea
Quistis Trepe...via fan-art
SB, ST & HP in BC
Leah Andreone...Uncovered
Leah, Leah, Leah...
Leah & her feather boa