Melika is a Humin, but she did not grow up on the Guardian's Isle like Grace, or Bobby. Mel spent much of her life traversing the globe with her free-spirited mother, Pio, and her somewhat reluctant father, Travin. For eighteen years she met diverse peoples from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North American, and Austrailia (her favorite place being Austraila. She loves the Great Barrier Reef). Mel has four older brothers, all of whom left to pursue careers in the Regent's service. Now that Mel finally has a chance to settle down in one place, as she's always sort of hoped for, she can't help but feel restless and sometimes takes off for no reason at all. The other Generation Two Defenders hope she out grows this tendancy soon...
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Name: Melika Olsai

Sex: Female

Race: Humin

Born: Fino 24th

Age: 18

Height: 5'9"

Hair Color:Tight dark brown curls

Eye Color: Deep, clear green

Appearance: Melika has typical Humin wings, and is usually found in shorts and tank tops, or jeans and long-sleeved shirts. She almost never wears dresses, loves shoes of all sorts, has a single pair of golden hoops which never leave her ears, and keeps her hair in as many difference positions as she can (its her one creative outlet).

Weapons: With Gaea's Golden Beryl, Melika harnesses the Elements. Gaea bestowed a fine pair of morphing daggers made of the same teleknetic technology as Torrle's Tritons.

Attacks: Similar to Matt's

Talisman: Melika's earrings

Favorite Color: Mel's travels exposed her to so many exotic shades and natural colors that she couldn't choose just one.

Favorite Food: resh, cold water

Likes: Being on the move

Dislikes: Having no options

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