"To be an icon, or to be obscure. To witness victory or lick the wounds of defeat. To choose...to live...to survive"
     The choices we make. A child prodigy, raised in an orphanage, trained by Garden to teach Seed members. She was a year, maybe less, older than her class. Quistis became known as Instructor Trepe, doomed to the dreary life of a teacher. Enjoying only the adventures her curriculum allowed, never again knowing the sheer freedom that a journey, a quest, a mission could bring. And ahead of her, as she watched the newest Seeds dance at the ball celebrating their graduation, lay two paths. One, simple and straight, would send her quietly into obscurity, but was safe. The other would bring danger, excitement, fulfillment, letting her spiral into an unknown future of glory or defeat.
    The choice was hers. Quistis gazed out across the crowd, then into the infinite stars above. The choice was clear.
Elsewhere in Sweet Tangerine's Garden...
Quistis Wallpaper, Quistis Windows Logos, and even Fan-Fiction Starring Quistis!.

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