Quiz #5 : ST Trivia!

Here come the questions, good luck! (All of the answers are available in the Garden!)

What's your name friend?

What's your e-mail addy?

1) What is the name of Leah Andreone's second album?

2) What is the third name in the group that includes Sweet Tangerine and Happy Potato!
Seredipitous Blueberry
Serene Blossom
Super Beefsteak (Tomato)
Sassy Beansprout

3) Which does ST like better, Braveheart or The Patriot?

4) Name any of ST's pets...

5) Does ST love Victor Hugo or Stephen King more?

6) Don't worry ppl, these questions are just temporary til I come up with a good quiz!

7) I promise to make it suck less next time!

8) Do you think this quiz bites?

9) Do you watch much Anime?

10) If not, maybe you should.

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