This is a place for Ushi to vent her anger in a hopefully entertaining manner ;P Seriously, when things irk me, you'll hear about it here. Great flames will end up on this page, and terrible ones too. So, if you have any rants to make, send them to Ushi and look for it posted here!

~*~ May 28th, 2000 ~*~
Well...I have to rant again so soon! But its just a small irk. One sentance will have to sum it up because I don't feel like making it much longer. "Napster, Metallica...c'mon now..." Grrr.
~*~ May 05th, 2000 ~*~
Oh lordie, its been nearly a year since I ranted here! Which is not to say that I've not ranted anywhere else, but hey! hehe So its Cinco De Mayo (is that how its spelled? I never took spanish...) ANYway, that is not my rant, just my observation. My rant is concerning those @#!$@#$@#$ counters that seem to be offline every ten seconds :P Hehe, yes, here at Sweet Tangerine's Garden our counter is apprently down...again...O'well...More rants? Why is it the only men I attract are married? And why is it that the only guys I like are gay or complete bastards? LOL...sorry, personal problems!
~*~ May 21st, 1999~*~
Hey ;) New rant...though its been a month. I'm just sick of violence. Damned sick of it. Moses Lake, WA. Springfield, OR. Arkansas, Tennesee, Littleton...and now Georgia? C'mon now people. Who *wasn't* made fun of in High School? Who hasn't ever felt ostracized? What the hell gives us the right to make a gun and mow down people, just because they made us feel bad. Boo friggin' hoo! Grow up! If you can't deal with it, maybe you should think about *why* people make fun of you. If you don't like yourself enough to be proud of whatever you are, no matter what anyone says, maybe you should change into something you can be proud of! I'm sick of reading "editorials" from kids who AGREE with killers! There is no insult great enough to justify MURDER! NO INSULT! Not being called a dyke, or a queer, or being shoved in the trash can. ITS CALLED HIGH SCHOOL! People are cruel and stupid. Get back at them by going off and doing something wonderful with your life so you can come back in ten years and tell them off with your Jaguar and beautiful fianceť...but don't, do not go around killing the losers who don't appriciate uniqueness in their fellow human beings. They're not right for making fun of people who are different, but it doesn't help anyone by killing them. And, it gives the rest of us who are "different" a bad, to anyone else who feels like pulling a gun or a bomb on their schoolmates, GET A LIFE. Thank you.

~*~April 24th, 1999~*~
Isn't this great? The only "negative" part of the site and I never update it...not that I don't have my rants...but for now...I'm almost content enough to pretend I have none =)

~*~March 10th, 1999~*~
Well, my last rant has been solved...for the time being, and I'm getting waaaay more hits now =) I wanna rant about people who have too much time on their hands. Okay, now I admit, the way this page is going late, I've obviously got a little too much free time, but at least I'm doing something vaguely...constructive. I've received two quizzes in the past couple days filled out...great right? Nope. These were two of the seven I've gotten total...and these two were...different to say the least. If you think the page sucks, great, why bother sticking around long enough to fill out a form and send it in writing obscenities and insults? AND if you're going to write things like LEAST learn how to spell your swear words! There is a C in the F-word loser! *ahem* Anyway...that is my hissyfit for the day.

~*~March 6th, 1999~*~
Rants? I've got a million of them. But today my only irk is that stupid Bravenet counter! I've lost my hit count SEVEN times since I first opened UUUP almost a year ago! If anyone knows where I should get a better one, let me know, I'm all ears.

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