Episode 3: Back In The Red (#3)


    Rimmer and Lister are in their prison cells again, discussing their first day in the tank (Rimmer visited the Social Worker, and was beaten up with a book about Compassion for Inmates. Then he told the Priest, who called him names and beat him with a Crucifix!). Evidently, they earned two years in the Brig. Oooh, and the flash back begins. Captain Hollister again, 2 days previously, speaking into his diary (did you know he is Dennis the Doughbut Boy ;D). He reveals that the four of them (that is; Kryten, Lister, Kochanski & the Cat) were put into AR after licking the tainted envelopes and think they're escaping. It turns out that Hollister is suspicious of Rimmer too (who wouldn't be?).
    The Posse climb aboard one of the Blue Midgets and a beauteous Ground Control gal asks for their license & clearance code. When the Cat can't provide it she says she needs proof that he can drive the ship properly. His smoooooth reply? He claims he can "Make This Thing Dance!" So, he does. A spiffy dance number later, the GC Chick lets them go, but not until she's secured a date with him for Saturday. And they're off! Meanwhile, Rimmer makes his way to the AR Suite and blackmails the guard into looking the other direction. Just as Lister mentions the agreement, Rimmer deletes all refernece to said arrangement. Suddenly, as their words begin to disappear, Kryten realizes that they are trapped in an AR unit. Rimmer attempts to frame them, making Holly say that they are guilty and removing certain phrases again. As it is an artificial reality, Kryten figures that there must be an escape and they search for an exit button. The Cat finds one labeled e11t. Proving once and for all that this is not reality, he explains that eleven is XI in Roman Numerals..eXIt, exit. But the escape fails and they end up in the claymation screen saver. Now they search for the Power Source in order to escape and the Cat finds a bottle of Power Ketchup, or Power Sauce (Source) and allows them to finally break free of the machine where they find Rimmer. Now out of the equipment, Kochanski dives for Rimmer, saying she wants to have his babies. As she calms down (the luck virus strikes again), Holly suggests that they head for the nearest moon (he does a great impression *wink*). After some convincing (promising the title of Head of Safety and at least FIVE buttons under his control) Rimmer goes with the troop and they return to the Blue Midget. This GC lady isn't as...attractive and instead of dancing, the Cat just hits the gas ;)
    Holly tells the group, as they find that they're in the clear, that he recreated the nanobots and had the resurrect the crew to continue to keep Dave sane. They figure out that his plan sucked and they're still in AR. Evidently, the non-senile version of Holly outfoxed our IQ 60 version. During the entire escape process, Hollister and Holly (non-senile) watch the group and find them innocent of their original charge. However, all are convicted of using confidential information to their own ends and sentanced to two years in the Tank.
    When the 5 Dwarfers wake up in AR, Hollister confiscates the Luck Virus (not before Rimmer passes SM to Lister). Captain's orders send them to prison where, at their introduction, Lister pours a whole tube of SM on Rimmer...guess where that lead and why Rimmsy was so upset at the beginning of BITR #1!!!


    Yep. Liked this one too =-) The claymation threw me off when I saw it in the opening sequence, but fits in I guess :) I luved the dance sequence...shades of Tongue Tied. The way every thing fit together was awesome...poor Rimmer though, eh? Hehe.
Episode #3 recieves Four of Five Stars!

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