Your Dreams

Brisky winds, never been tamed
Blowing through their silky manes.
Speaking soft of love to stay,
Twist to where I wish to lay.
As time passed I stood alone
Thinking of all my broken bones
I turn my head and a tear falls.

Why does a dream stay faraway
Pushing yourself to make it stay
Look up at the floating dream,
You by youself must make out what it means

Your dreams have a heart
It won't break if you play it smart
I say the game plays very hard
It might you like a poisoned dart
Take you tokens hide them well
Your feelings will always tell

Your eyes look to a vision
Don't let two dreams have a collision
When you let them fall
Wtick your hand out and make that call

Stand strong with all your might
You haven't time to get in their fight.
You dream lays in your hands
You have to make it stand
This is all that matters.

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