Sarah Jenson
Sarah Jenson

       Sarah was born in Trinity Cove, Washington and has lived there ever since. She has only, in fact, been out of Washington State once in her life, on a seven state month long tour with her youth group in the summer before her junior year of high-school. She has been active in many school events, serving as an class Vice President for three years and the Senior Class VP during her senior year. Sarah is very intelligent, but sometimes leaves reason behind and...well, she can be a bitch. Sarah's life is pretty simple, and she has liked it that way. Since the second day of her freshman year she has been dating Frank Cooper, and eventually hopes to marry him. Her life goal is to become a mother and a pediatrician.
       Sarah lives with her parents Lorrie and Marlin Jenson. They love her, but have proven a bit "busy" to have a child and Sarah says that they're only around when she doesn't want them to be. Her mother seems to be somewhat domineering and Sarah often comments,"my mom is gonna kill me". Sarah's life was fairly normal and content, and on a happy little track until she approached a strange girl talking to herself on a stump next to the sidewalk...

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Name:Sarah Lynn Jenson
Sex: Female
Race: Homo Sapien
Born: March 30
Age: Eighteen
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Golden blonde waves that reach past her shoulders
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Appearance: Sarah is stylish, but sensible. She wears khakis, white work shirt and a spiffy brown cordoury jacket one day and an airy pale blue sundress the next. She loves stacked heels and her hair is pretty versatile. Usually it hangs in waves, occasionally she puts it into a french roll or a ponytail, and when she's having a "bad hair day" she hides it under a baseball cap. Though smiles aren't exactly rare, her face is generally serious as Sarah is somewhat focused. Her lashes are thick and her eyebrows are narrow; her lips are a bit small and her nose is petite. As for make-up, Sarah's conservative, unless she's somewhere her parents can't see. *wink wink*
Weapons: As the bearer of Gaea's Diamond she carries the Onyx Scepter which allows her to access the powers of Life and Soul.
Attacks: :"Soul Clarity", "I summon (insert animal here)", and "Life (insert inanimate object here)". ............"Termination" - L/S part=Death-like Phantom is summonded.
Talisman: ASarah keeps with her a pair of beautiful pearl drop earrings passed down to her by her great-etc-grandmother, Saralynn
Favorite Color: White or Red
Favorite Food: Marlin's famous Chicken Fried Steak
Likes: Frankie Cooper, politics, her church
Dislikes: Copy-cats, cooking, physical exertion
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