Snippet #5

The Legend

       This is the legend from T.E.D. II; Khyros. It is, obviously, the forth chapter. Just before this, the Defenders, Bati, Merkus and Tristan have gathered around a chair where Humin Gaea sits to read a painfully relevant (if a bit inaccurate) legend from an old textbook...

Chapter Four

      “Time began when Chaos united with Life. The reign of nothingness and everythingness ended. Chaos fathered several children by Life, and one of their lovely daughters was Caliua, or Fate, who bore two children by Chaos; a pair of twins named Earthia an Khyron. Earthia was born first. The labor was long, but less than painful. Finally, the daughter emerged, peacefully. It would be many days before the second twin arrived. Caliua was happy with her little girl, Chaos too was beguiled by the child’s beau and charm. He named the infant Earthia, meaning Beauteous Love. Khyron was less popular with both. As he came into the world, screaming and fighting, Caliua expired. Chaos was enraged at the death of his youngest, most beloved daughter, and ordered the ale infant cast into the Posiola Rive after naming him Khyron, or Evil War-Maker. Earthia grew, nutured by her grandmother, Life. Her powers controlled Love and Beauty. She worked diligently to presever those traits among her people. Earthia was the mos loved Goddess, worshipped far and wide.
      “Khyron, however, did not die so easily. The young God was discovered near the shore where the Posiola, or Dead, River met Terrestrial waters. A mortal maiden discovered the crying babe as she bathed and picked him up to comfort away his tears. When he villiage discovered that she had a child, but no husband, she too was outcast, a pariah to her friends and family. No amount of explanation could change their minds and the woman, Spiso, resigned herself to care for this bad-luck charm. She came to call hyron, whose name she could not know, Khyvan, which equated to Evil Young Boy. They traveled together for a year, Spiso feeling increasing bitterness toward the baby who had caused her ruin. Each village they arrived in gave to them a similar reaction. t first they were welcomed as guests, but soon questions were raised. ‘Where is the baby’s father?’ ‘Why have you left your villiage?’ Spiso could not answer with the truth, but no lie was good enough for them. She was reviled as a demon everywhere she ent. Eventually, ill from poor weather and lack of victuals, Spiso tied the toddler to a sapling and left him for the wild beasts of the forest.
      “Khyron fought violently with the tree, shaking it constantly for a week, screaming for Spiso’s return, or for help from any caring soul. The anger and resentment that was concieved inside the heart of this tiny boy flowed from his body into the tree a the leaves began to shake of their own accord, as if trying to free themselves from Khyron’s hate. To the present day this species of tree has leaves that never cease their struggling for release from the limbs. Khyron, however, was indeed immortal, a the elements that would cause death by exposure for the mortals only served to incense him more. Finally, after months of fighting his bindings, a friendly woodsman from a distant village stumbled upon him. The man freed the boy and carried him all the ay back to his home. The very people who had reviled Spiso for caring enough about a strange child to claim it as her own embraced this child as a ward of the village. Khyron was soon able to speak and the village’s pet name for him, Little Warrior, or ran, was given up as he told them of his real name. Khyron remembered little of his origins, and as he aged he dared not tell his foster family of his identity for fear of exhile. When Khyron was two years old a heavy plague tore through the village, ki ing one third of its inhabitants. His third birthday brought an attack from a neighboring tribe. For this fifth year his hosts recieved a drought that lasted until Khyron was nine. On the day of his ninth birthday a sickly drifter stumbled into their v lage, desperate for food and clothing. The woman collapsed and lay on the verge of death for many days. Finally she was revived and sat up in bed to thank those who had cared for her during her illness. When Khyron stood next to her and tried to feed he broth from a wooden bowl the woman began to sob hysterically and the hostess attempted to calm her. The woman revealed herself to be Spiso, and screamed insanely at the young boy for ruining her life, killing her soul, and warned the townspeople that he as bad luck, bringing only evil tidings. Her death throes were more curses upon Khyron, whom she still referred to as Khyvan. The village vuried her body deep in the woods, away from their own burial grounds so that her mental sickness could not reach t ir dead. Thanks to Spiso, Khyron was again exhiled. Blaming all of the deaths, illnesses, and unfortunatle occurances that had happened since his arrival upon him, the village people sent a nine year old boy into the wilderness with nothing more than th clothes on his back and his fury to feed upon.
      “Khyron spent nine years traversing the countryside, bringing with him evil, war, hate, and death. He was a most unpopular travelor and became infamous as ‘The Jinx’. Just before his eighteenth birthday Khyron made a life-altering decison. He created a turdy raft, and having tested his immortality often over the years, set off to sail up the Opo River until it merged with the Posiola and then up that as well. He arrived at the source of the river on the day of his eighteenth birthday. There was a grea celebration in the Divine land. He crossed the Lake Yulae, Eternal, tainting its purity with the murky waters from the Posiola. As Khyron slipped into the crowd his tattered black garb contrasting the bright, soft colors of his peers’ costumes, he felt lf-conscious for the first time in his life. The throng of immortals parted and Khyron gazed ahead. Laughing with the voice of a songbird stood a female whose features matched his own. At her side was a powerful young Divine, standing nearby were Chaos d Life, proudly preparing to marry off their beloved Earthia.
      “Khyron made his presence known to those who stood upon the stage. Earthia was surprised to see him, but rushed from her fiancee’s side to embrace him tightly. She stunned him by calling him her ‘dear brother’ and kissing his soiled cheek fondly. Khyro was confused. Such a greeting was unheard of in his life. Earthia dragged him onto the stage and announced to their fellow immortals that finally her handsome brother had returned to her side. She was happy, smiling, glowing with love and beauty. Khyron neered, attempting a grin. Chaos was not thrilled to have his son restored to him, but in order to please his precious Earthia he granted Khyron control of the powers he’d been born into, War and Death. Khyron graciously accepted the gift, glaring at hi twin as she married her lover, Abeitate. Her reputation had not missed him in the mortal world. She was loved everywhere and was, essentially, perfect. Khyron hated her with every breath he took.
      “His hatred was a volcano. It built up slowly, rising in temperature on its way to a devastating explosion. With each day Earthia seemed to grow more beautiful more wonderful, and Khyron found himself wading through the disgusting mess of putrid, sinfu souls and bloody warfare. Although he found a woman whom he felt strongly for, Aya, bitterness continued to well up inside his heart, and as their nineteeth year approached an evil scheme hatched within Khyron’s brain. He believed that because they were win they were linked via their immortal souls. Khyron figured that he could steal all of Earthia’s charm and her powers by simply killing her. By absorbing her power he would become the strongest immortal, ruler of everything. Finally, extracting reveng for being outcast from the Divinity so long ago.
      “On the eve of their nineteeth birthday Khyron invited his sister, who was near the end of her first pregnancy, and Abeitate, to a private supper at his palace near the source of the Posiola. He and Aya were gracious hosts and Abeitate and Earthia enjo d the sumptuous meal. Yet, in the wee hours of the next morning, both began to experience horrible cramps and Chaos was summoned. The posion’s effects were irreversible, and because it had been administered by a fellow immortal, Earthia and Abeitate die that morning. Chaos left Life with their bodies and immediately sought out Khyron. Without a trial, or any witnesses, he dragged his son from his bed and ripped away his immortality with the supreme power that only He possessed. Aya begged to join Khyro swearing that she could not bear to live without him, but she was forced to live with her sister, Ara, where the two would raise the infant saved from Earthia’s womb. The child was known as Kaiami.”
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