Snippet #6

Khyros & Kavya's Arguement

       This is a scene from Chapter Twelve of TED II: Khyros. Here, following a string of mistakes and horrible events in that threaten to ruin his plans and his sanity, Khyros is confronted by his fianceé, Mosos Kavya...adding to the chain of troubles he is facing...

       General Khyros, or as his newly adopted surname indicated, Emperor-General Khyros D’Khyron, sat at his cluttered desk staring blankly at a mass of reports from various staffers concerning everything from the identification, or lack thereof, of the alien escapees, to the progress of the deckwide effort to beautify the community.
       Nothing worried him, except for the two things that had been nagging him for days now; the Eternal Defenders, and the still absent Agents Lian Kio and Mosos Karena. Kavya would be getting suspicious, seeing as he’d avoided her deftly for over a week. Khyros rubbed his temples, trying to drown out the headache with loud, digital music.
       Suddenly the noise ended and Khyros jerked his head up.
       “General?” Nadia appeared on the screen atop his desk.
       “What is it?”
       “Agent Mosos Kavya is here to see you.”
       Khyros buried his pounding skull in his hands. Dozens of painkillers had yet to diminish the agony in his brain and the look of venom and Kavya’s face suggest that the pain had just begun.
       “Send her away.”
      “With pleasure.”
       Kavya listened with impatient fury at the anteroom door. Khyros couldn’t hear her screams through the thick metallic walls, but he had a perfect view as she whipped out a distinctive arrow and cocked her Elite Force issued crossbow.
       The explosion was deafening as her arrow pierced Nadia’s fiber optic eye.
       “What kind of arrow was that?” Khyros asked,”Is it legal for her to carry it off duty?”
       Nadia clicked over to the main console,”Hollow ceramic, steel tipped, filled with-”
       “An Ironai? I know that isn’t legal off-duty!”
       “Yes, General.”
       Khyros blinked,”She’s serious.”
       Nadia was silent as she shifted much of her running attention to fixing her viewer.
       She must have seen through my lies, Khyros thought, still reeling from the blast.
       “Nadia, give her admittance.”
       “Yes General,”she replied absently.
       “But- Nadia, see that she leaves all weapon in the anteroom.”
       Nadia flickered away.
       Moments later Agent Mosos stormed in, dangerous lightening burning in her eyes. Khyros rubbed his temples as she approached.
       “Where is my sister?”
       “I told you Agent Mosos-”
       “Don’t give that line again! She hasn’t returned to her cahmbers since that night! Tell me now,”she grabbed him by the collar,”Or answer to my rage!”
       “Kavya, wait. We’re searching for her. Crews are traversing the galaxy, the homeland, even the ship. We’ll find her.”
       She chuckled,”I know.”
       “I know. Oh dear Khy, did I frighten you? How could you honestly believe that I, head of security for the Posiola, not have realized what was going on. There never was a scouting mission in that sector, and besides, Kar-”
       “Agent Mosos, shut up.”
       Kavya was shaken by the tone of his voice,”I-”
       “No. You will step down, Agent.” She didn’t move. “Step down!”
       “Yes General.” Kavya moved to the distance from her supieror dictated by the formal protocal.
       “Your behavior is reprehensible! You’ve insulted your Chancellor’s integrity, damaged your own respectibility, and for that you are suspended.”
       “Dismissed, Mosos Kavya.”
       Kavya nodded proudly, and with her chin in the air turned to leave. She ahd one hand on the door when Khyros spoke.
       She looked back at him.
       “Dear Kav, did I frighten you? How could you believe that I, General and Emporer of Khyron, was capable of-”
       Her lips upon his halted the statement and as it ended she grinned at him.
       “Did it work?”
       “Is your headache gone?” He paused,”Completely.”
       With a single sweep of her arm she cleared his desk.
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