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       Welcome to the world of The Devil's Daughter This is chapter one of an *OLD* version of this book. Puh-LEASE realize that this is a work of fiction and that I am not a Devil worshipper! Pyrathe and the others are completely made up and are just characters in my book, alright? Fiction. Fiction. Fiction...not a religion, not a belief, just a fictious bunch of CHARACTERS! Fiction!!!! Oh yeah, and unedited since sophomore year, so just know that a great deal of this will change when the latest version surfaces.

Chapter One

       I walk down a filth ridden street on human legs. I smile at a passing pedestrian with human features. I wear human clothes on a human form. But I am not human.
       Evil. It is my religion, it my heritage. It is all that I am. I am called Pyrathe, if only my own kind. Mortal have many names for me; Demon, Hades, Lucifer, Satan, the Devil.
~*~*~*~Chop Chop Chop~*~*~*~
       It was then that I was born. At the same time, Ristya, son of Humi, Goddess of Growth, was born. He grew quickly, in knowledge, strength, and power. But I developed even more so.
       Humi had been a Goddess resigning over the Humans since the beginning, she was a third of the trio first assigned to this planet. But sixteen years after the birth of her only son she decided that she wanted to be free of her obligation, seeing Her mortals in the turmoil of their sinful lives devastated Her. Only Pytus had the power to set her soul free. Pytus was required to release Humi, having councelled her about the implications, however, his priority list was headed by putting down my Father. Father had recently been found to control many more of the Humans than once believed. This advance, as Pytus declared it to be, must be ended before Humi could be released. Her presence was essential to the current scheme. Humi didn't understand why, since Father had no control over any of the Ten, she couldn't be released now. Pytus then made an unbreakable pact with his sister; he would free her as soon as this revolt was halted.
       Ristya heard of his mother's agreement with Lord Pytus hours later. In his foolish adolescent mind, he saw this as the opportunity to end the struggle for all time. If he did it at this time, he had an excuse for the crime. He decided to kill my Father. He thought that my father had poisoned Humi's mind and was forcing her to request her soverignty. My Father had done so once before.
       Cathrel was her name.
Godde       ss of all that is Pure. She was Pytus' wife. A beautiful woman with a long, flowing blond mane and sparkling eyes the color of a morning sky in the Heavens, a deep violet. One day she simply asked to be released. Though he noticed the odd way she moved and spoke, he had no choice but to do as she bid. My Father captured her drifting soul and took her as a mate. Cathrel was my mother.
       Ristya told no one of his quest as he armed himself with only his sword, made of blessed steel that could be broken by nothing in this world. He entered our domain and challenged my father to a duel. With a devilish glint in his deep brown eyes, my father accepted; conditionally. My Father agreed so long as he got to name the place and the time of the battle. He declared that the fight would ensue at dusk one mortal week from that day in his favorite ring. Ristya also consented to remaining in our land, with no contact with the Divines, until that time.
       It was then that I first met Ristya. A handsome young God, powerfully built, with long chestnut hair and a face carefully carved by the immortal Sculptress, Haabia. His eyes, dark and penetrating, were clouded with an emotion now so close to me. Yet I, as young and foolis as he, could not recognise it. Ristya was boiling with vile hatred directed solely at my father and I.
       Those six days are possibly the only unclear of my life. The seventh day, however, is vivid in my memory. It was extinguished quickly and the sun seemed to begin its decent hours early. Ristya pulled his sword from its sheath and stared coldly at my father. My Father laughed gleefully and snapped his fingers. His most trusted assistant, Retoh, appeared at his side with a gleaming red case on a black and gold pillow. Retoh's toady, Genoi opened the box slowly. My Father stepped forward and extracted his sword. It was magnificent; long, pointed and extremely sharp. His sword was molten night, hard and black. The handle he had carved himself. It depicted the two of us dancing before flames. The likeness was astounding. This was a new weapon, one I had never before lain my eyes upon.
       The two combatants circled cautiously, testing each other's reflexes. My father appeared uneffected with the temporary loss of his immortality, though Ristya seemed slower, far more conscious of every move. In a duel to the death between two immortals the rules were altered. An injury that normally would not faze a Divine, would, in battle, kill him. I watched, only feet away, hoping that Ristya's death would be quick and painless. I can handle blood or guts, but pain and agony are weaknesses of mine.
       Ristya made a clever manuever, nearly slicing my father's left leg off. Father backed off wisely, his experience coming into play. He re-established his fighting stance and sneered good-naturedly. He risked his own body to knock Ristya from his feet. My Father raised his sword above his head, moving in for the kill.
       Silence fell over the jeering crowd. Pytus and Humi had appeared at the edge of the circle.
       "Leave him be Corlapis, this is no fair contest."
       "Extricate yourself from my domain immediatly. The boy has made his decision and this is his fight. Not yours Pytus."
       "Please Corlapis. Forgive his impudance. He knows not the offense he has comitted."
       "Be that as it may, he must learn to finish what he begins. If his father has not taught him well enough to know better to challenge Corlapis, then he deserves the death his stupidity has brought on. He will fight to the en-" His final word was unfisished. Ristya had recovered from the earlier blow and caught my father directly through the abdominum, slashing him almost entirely in half.
       I fell to my knees beside my Father. He was dead.
       They embraced. Pytus shook his head.
       "You have broken the rules young Ristya. Your means of victory are immoral. The punishment for you crime is death,"Pytus stared down at me,"Your soul will not fly free. Your actions have damned your soul and it will remain near earth until Pyrathe sees fit to give you a chance to redeem yourself."
       "Lord Pytus! He knew not the rules! He had no father to teach him. Please, spare my son."
       "I cannot. On his death bed, and yours, I ask that you reveal the identity of Ristya's parentage."
       Humi shook her head,"That is irrelevant. I plead with you Pytus. My soul, for his."
       "Your pact is unbreakable sister. I apologize. To you an my nephew. The name, please."
       "No Lord. That is a secret I shall take home to Jodda."
       "Mother,"Ristya begged,"I must know."
       "It has never mattered before. It does not matter now."
       "Mother." His eyes beseeched her.
       Humi stared into the sky, a swollen red. She whispered, barely audible.
       "No!" Ristya cried.

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