T.E.D. consists of four girls (to start with) brought forth from the current generation to protect Earth from its angry enemies. Gaea, created various methods for her Defenders to harness their powers and gave them to the first warrior she located in order for that girl to find the others. Now, meet the teens born to save our planet...
    Explore the profiles below To learn more about all those Pioneers or TED's Friends & Family try their pages. Also available? Lots of TED Pics, TED Story Snippets, and Windows Start-Up Logos. Enjoy!

Sarah Jenson, Defender of Life & Soul
Grace Sicca, Defender of Flora & Terrain
Rowena Garcia, Defender of Wind & Water
Teya Litke, Defender of Fire & Ice
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~*~More Spoilers~*~

    T.E.D.2: Return...these are the characters conceived for the fourth installment of TED. Click to view their profiles only if you really want to spoil any surprise possible at all in the TED trilogy. They are: Christine Cooper, Bawhbi Rakae (aka Bobby), Jessie Penseno, Ian Gregory, Melika Olsai, and Trisha Davis

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