Ushi's Allies

Sassy Beansprout Ahh, what to say about Leo, aka Sassy Beansprout? She's so many wonderful things...writer, designer, cybervixen ;P hehe She's a riot, absolutely hilarious and I just can't say enough good things about her! Check out her Web Page, its cute =) Bex & Happy Potato Oh Lordie, Becca and Tim in one picture! Wow, what a combo ;) Tim (aka Happy Potato...remember this, it will be important later...or not), is my best boy! I love him so very much, and his writing, and his laughter, and his cute kitties and in spite of his Martha Stewart fetish :P Becca, well, she's beyond words :) Really...I'm speechless here
Lynders Lynders...M'Lynda that is, cannot be summed up in such a short space, so I will not try. But I will tell you a few things about her. She's crazy. Insane really =) And she is studying to be a commercial pilot. And...she has a cat named Schwartzgeist. Um...she's a great, long-time friend. Check out her Web Page. No Pic Available Takako (aka Tey) is a fellow writer, a teacher, and a great friend. Eliz is so many things, but mostly she's the one person who stuns me with her brain constantly. I'm serious. We used to share the Hellish hours working at KCI, but now we have to be content with harassing our former boss' husband at his restaurant and catching movies together. Check out Tey's webpage:Teya Tey's Toybox!
<-Keri and Sherrie-> My friend Keri is an artist, studying to be a teacher. We've known each other forever, and she's got a pic or two in my gallery! Its her fault I got hooked on Red Dwarf, but its my fault she's a Moonie, so I guess we're even =) Sherrie (on the right), is such a nifty chick! A fellow Dwarfer, Moonie, and *smile* she loves a lot of the same books I do! Shannon Roe Shannon and I have known each other for years and became friends through our mutual friends....Rachel (below), Keri & Sherrie (to the left), Lenora (above & left)...hehe :) She is a fantastic poet (published even!) and an all-around great grrl!
Isn't she ADORABLE?! Betsy, a fellow Mt. Si sufferer, =) hehe She's one of the most intelligent people I know, is attending Linfield right now, and just never fails to surprise me. A nicer person you'll never find =) Travois & Amique They're down in Portland (way too far away :P) O'well. Here's the dirt on 'em. Travis is a gorgeously amazing stud-meister (hehe, yeah, that line was approved by him), and Amy well..*whew* She's funnier than Margret Cho (and waaay cuter! heeh) So, I miss them; hanging out on the street corner in "downtown" Thorp, feeding oranges to the cow, and singing along @ Little Shop o' Horrors! Hehe. And Travis has a TERRIBLE British accent to compliment my only *slightly* better one =)
Pooh! Meet Evie, my adorable sister. She's working with me on her own webpage:Pearly's Gate (but its coming along...REEEEAAAALLLY slowly. Ev is dedicated to having fun, and just generally awesome. *shush* Don't tell her I said so. She's a senior at Mt. Si...introduced Leo and I to the guys...uh...and other things I'm sure ;P hehe Pumma & Talon That's my friend Rachel and her son, Talon. Rachel's a poetess and writer I've known since High School (like it was *that* long ago). She's got a unique style and a distinct appriciation for the big cats, like Pumas...ergo her nick, Pumma. Check out her site: Pumma's Place
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