The Beauteous Bati

       Venus Bati was born and raised on Loia, LUP. She had a normal family unit, mother, father, older sister, older brother (she was the youngest), except for the fact that she never knew if she was coming home to a beautiful Noelemach mother or a nasty bat-like shrew. Bati was about ten years younger than her older siblings, and therefore was plesantly pampered. She attended a fine academy with Merkus her neighbor, and playing after classes with her public-school best friend, Gaea. After pining for Merkus since pre-school, Bati longed for him at Kryss University as well. Gaea promised to never tell Merkus, or his friend Tristan who was dating Gaea. Finally, however, she will get a chance to *hehe, more spoilers*...

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Name: Venus Bati

Sex: Female

Race:Noelemach (think shape-shifters speaking French)

Born: Vesu 14th (2nd of 13)

Age: 20 (at time of departure)

Height: 5'3" (typically)

Hair Color: Long, white blonde...platinum

Eye Color: Amber

Appearance: Bati has loooooong wavy hair, thin legs, strong arms, a perfect profile (all the way down *as Archie once said*)...of course she also can appear to be a disgusting green blob with tentacle-like eyes and red high heels...She tends to be a bit sad a lot of the time, unrequited love can do that to a girl (especially after all those billions of years)

Weapons: She has a bow and a set of dangerous arrows with which she is deadly accurate.

Attacks: Bati prefers using her powers to "enhance" her arrows

Talisman: A picture of Merkus from their last day on Loia which she has nearly incomprehensible from eons of tearstains.

Favorite Color: Bright Red

Favorite Food: Raw citrus-like fruits

Likes: Archery, Merkus, cooking

Dislikes: Disliking things...

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