This is the Death In The Family homepage (the only one in existance I'm certain, hehe). Feel free to peruse the library at your leisure. Currently (and probably for quite awhile) only the original DITF is available, there are however two spin-offs in the works...however, they have been untouched since I finished DITF in my Sophomore year of High School...*lol* So go ahead and enjoy, or not, whatever works for you!
Death In The Family
By Ushi
all contents herein copyright JMC 1995-2000

For A Run-Down of the Contents
Chapters 1 - 3     Chapters 4 - 6
Chapters 7 - 9     Chapters 10 - 12
Chapters 13 - 15     Chapters 16 - 18
Chapters 19 - 21     Chapters 22 - 24
Chapter 25 - Epilogue
For the whole TXT thing zipped
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