If you had seen her then you would have never glimpsed the future. Her shy gait, soft amber eyes and lustrious, though unadorned, long locks. Matron Kramer, as she was known, ran an orphanage, far from the warring factions that roamed the continents.
    But just behind that innocent smile lurks a gateway. An ancient evil, an eternal madness. From deep in the infinite span of time comes a Sorceress, incarnating herself in a chosen vessel. To protect the children she cares for, Matron becomes that vessel and allows the Sorceress to pass the powers to her.
     If you had seen her then, you would have never glimpsed the future. But to see her now, magic powers at her disposal, a wicked gleam in her yellow eyes; you would have never suspected the sweet, soft-spoken mother who once occupied that body lived still.
Elsewhere in Sweet Tangerine's Garden...
Edea Wallpaper, Edea Windows Logos, and even Fan-Fiction Starring Edea.

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