Episode 7: Pete (#2)


    After a bit of review from the previous episode, Pete devours Bob and the Time Wand. Hiding out, the posse decide that they need to force Pete to "pass" the wand soon (Before the freeze runs out on the crew and they are reanimated). The easiest method? Think roughage (ruffage?)...or Cow Vindaloo ;) As they discuss it, Bob surfaces inside Pete and accidently presses a button sequence that unfreezes the crew. Evidently, the guards find the boyz (and girl) and Lister & Rimmer appear before Hollister...*again*. Hollister tells them that after the Cow Vindaloo, Pete ate 2 1/2 tons of Mint Chocolate Ice Cream (which the Captain loves), 400 crates of Orange Ice Pops, and 2000 gallons of Coke (both of which Hollister is also fond). What does a dinosaur do after eating all of that? Burp. A belch that blows an entire platoon twenty feet into a wall. Then Pete gets sick and 5 good men nearly drown. Finally, as Hollister leads a team in a rear sneak attack on the beast, Pete gets a bit of Diarrhea...a lot of it actually. Hollister and his men are hit by a 15 foot Tidal Wave...ewwww. Hollister tells them to take the wand and get the sparrow back!
    Khristine is on punishment duty, but Kryten seems most confused. He is to iron *tons* of things...pure bliss. Where is the punishment in that? Lister and Rimmer are in their cell again, when Hollister arrives in time to hear Rimmer insult him...after giving them the Wand, he leaves and they prepare for the task ahead...Meanwhile, Khristine is trying to catch a rodent when Kryten arrives (evidently, he's a woman again). Meet Archie...the mouse isn't a mouse, its Kryten's penis (he created it himself). Kochanski tells Kryten he's finally a man...because no men can control their own penises.
    The Canaries go to meet Pete in the docks and the Cat meets Archie ;) Soon, Baxter and Killcrazy attack Lister & Rimmer to take the Time Wand, but their punches don't affect the boys due to the buttons the attackers pushed and they take the Time Wand wand leave. Back in the Captain's office, Lister and Rimmer try to explain when the fight finally catches up to them and they are beaten to a pulp in front of a confused Captain. He tells them to get the smeggin' wand back, get the bird back, and if the screw up again, they're finished. Naturally, the boyz manage to find the wand (Baxter & Killcrazy regressed to apes) and retrive both Birdman and the sparrow...unforunately they find an egg...which hatches and escapes. As the Captain gets a massage from a girl, the baby dino's tongue takes over and suddenly Lister and Rimmer meet with the Captain one last time. He can't speak (post traumatic stress), but tells them he's going to the Hole for 12 months. Bon Voyage!

    Ahhh...the conclusion of Pete =) I liked this one a lot. There are some great sight gags, and the scene where Hollister explains his experiences to Listy & Rimsy is hilarious! Disgusting...but funny =)
Four 1/2 of Five stars for Pete #2!

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