Grace Sicca

       Grace was born in The Guardian's Realm, a small, undisturbed isle in the Pacific Ocean. Her young life was happy. She and her older brother Sigro, were very close and he taught her all he could the the mainland's ways from what he learned. Her mother, Juta is short sighted and somewhat cranky, but loves both of her children and her husband with a fierce intensity. Because of her sight, she was never fit to serve The Guardian, though as a youth she had wanted to. Grace's father, Lazro is one of the Guardian's head spies. He spends most of his time on distant worlds and Grace misses him a lot. About a year ago, Sigro joined the Guardian's service as a scientist. His wife and daughter, Linta and Jutace aren't nearby, but Grace is close to both of them. Due to her family situation, Grace spent little time with other kids growing up and now that her brother/best friend is gone, she spends most of her time training herself phyisically and "magically" for her eventual servitude. Grace's mother's line is one of sorcery, though Juta doesn't practice her craft, Grace is mesmerized by and proud of her hertiage and practices actively. Her life was mundane, and beginning to depress her until the day she returned home from practice and found an official invitation from The Guardian...

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Name:Grace Sicca (syk-ah...long I)
Sex: Female
Race: Humin (they are winged and many have magical abilities that vary from Humin to Humin)
Born: Iri 20 (8th of 13-Month) or August 20.
Age: Eighteen
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Chestnut brown and a bit scruffy with un-even ends
Eye Color: A serious shade of gray
Appearance: Grace is somber looking, but very cute when she smiles. She isn't especially concerned with her looks, and her hair is often messy. Grace, as a Humin, wears the required uniforms of long dresses for federal holidays and on her own time wears whatever is clean and easiest to work in. Her makeup is minimal as Humins do not use such things and she learns from Teya to use lipgloss and mascara in Human form. Grace's wings are important though. Ulanth (Gaea) wings are somewhat feathery, angelic in form, but Humin wings are more efficient and shaped like a butterfly's.
Weapons: Grace carries Gaea's Emerald, a transformation jewel that allows her to become her Mana form. In her Mana form she can harness the powers of Flora & Terrain with the Turquoise Rod. She also carries a Faerie Dove Wand, passed down to her by her mother's lineage. Grace becomes proficient with Neptune War Forks as well.
Attacks: "Flora Ensare", "Terrain Surround, Enclose" "Boulder Shower" ............"Termination" - F/T part=Ground Shakes & Cracks
Talisman: An heirloom locket that bears the initials of every woman in her mother's line since Generation One.
Favorite Color: Bright Minty Green
Favorite Food: Salads with Bleu Cheese Dressing
Likes: Reading, Martial Arts, Friendship, Matt Cooper
Dislikes: Showing Emotion, Arguements, Pakhar's attack ;)
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