Mystical Gelbin
Art By J. Childs

All 6 Defenders in Mana Form!
Gaea & the Girls in their signature clothes.
Just the opposite... *wink*
The TED girls go to the beach!
Gowns, Weapons & Jewels...
Stepping very formal attire
All 6 Defenders do the Senior Prom
The White Shirt Line
Doin' the Talk Show circuit?!
Cute headshots with summery hair & gear
Portraits of Humin Gaea
The lovely, Venus Bati
Nia & her best friend/companion, Karena
Iren, Jupisa & Tristan Kenedias
The Mattiasa Family
Malinai Mars & her husband, Saul
Merkus, Pakhar, Aides & the other Planet Rulers
Khyros, Kavya, Crozi, Nadia, and Kio
Various group TED shots
Tey's Antan & Nia' Saturnia Wedding Gown
Keri's "Sailor Andromeda" & DITF Artwork
The Last New Additions
The Newest Additions

    Welcome To Sweet Tangerine's TED Gallery! Featuring exclusive art by...JoC., the author of TED. There are, of course, other pictures here. "Death In The Family" art, and some things by my friend Keri are here with more coming soon. Everything here does belong to me, so please, ask permission before stealing it ;)    Oh yeah! And to see a *preview* of what you'll find on the individual galleries hold your cursor over the little flower :)

~*~Updated 6/3/2000~*~

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