The Child

    Not much is known of Kaiami, neither in her past incarnation or in the latest. She was the child of Earthia and Abeitate, saved from the dead goddess' womb the days that she was killed by Khyron, one year after a most momentous day for Earthia; she married her lover, and her twin returned from the mortal realm. Kaiami is said to be the supreme combination of Chaos, Life, Caliua, Earthia, Abeitate.
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Name: Kaiami, the Child

Sex: Female (though sex is unimportant to such a being)

Race: Immortal Being

Born: Almost a year after the 18th birthday of Earthia & Khyron

Age: Innumberable

Height: Typical changes with growth

Hair Color:Soft black

Eye Color: Clear Blue

Appearance:Kaiami is born an immortal infant, grows, matures; until a certain point of development which is unknwon, much like her past.

Weapons: She is the ultimate combination of the universe's powers. There are no weapons in the entirety of creation that are worth the effort.

Attacks: Unknown

Talisman: Kaiami has a different talisman in every incarnation

Favorite Color:Deep Purple

Favorite Food: ...

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

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