The Future Emporess

    Kavya grew up with her identical twin, Karena. They were descended of various governors, regents, doctors, scientists, colonels, and philantropists. Kavya was a louder, flashier, much more extroverted child than Karena and often controlled their situations. During their youth the girls were often alone, as their "important" parents traveled constantly. Karena and Kavya made habit of finding was to trick the security systems and seek forbidden places within whatever place they were confined. Eventually they arrived in secodary school, Kavya was second in her class. She knew for a fact that most people thought that she had cheated from her genius twin to get to where she was, but Kavya worked hard to be as good as Karena. The occasional illegal memory aid may have helped her progress however. The academy accepted her based on her sister's brilliance and Kavya graduated at age 18. Since requesting a post of the Posiola, the Khyronian flagship, Kavya met the Chancellor, Emperor, Governor...etc, Khyros D'Khyron. She and Khyros were instant lovers and Kavya now holds an important position as chief security officer and member of the Elite Squadron. Kavya takes her love and her work very seriously, though she resents being treated equally while on-duty. She and Khyros have a plan...a simple...evil little plan...
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Name: Mosos Kavya

Sex: Female

Race: Khyronian

Born: Polan 17 (April)

Age: 19

Height: 5'6"

Hair Color:Dark Emerald Green

Eye Color: Deep, mischievous brown

Appearance: Kavya likes to go for extremes. When on-duty she wears her full Elite Squad Uniform, including the octagonal hat which she hates. When off-duty Kavya prefers to be a bit more seductive, mostly for Khyros' benefit. One thing never leaves her side, and that is her crossbow. It is the one skill in which she outshines all others (at least the one skill she can exhibit in public *wink*). Kavya's most interesting choice of dress is that whenever possible she dons the traditional white veil of Khyron, not requesting any change in length or size due to her social rank. Kavya feels that the tradition links her spiritually to her ancestors and abhors the modifications Karena made to her own veil. Kavya is a deeply spiritual person despite her appearance.

Weapons: Kavya loves weapons. She is a master with all required of an Elite Squad member; guns, knives, swords, lasers. Her favorite is the afore mentioned crossbow. She has various specimens ranging from a full-scale, chemically armed war bow, to the small silver pendant that fires poison tipped, two inch arrows. She wears this for personal protection when a traditional crossbow is inconvient.
Later, Khyros will give her the Turquoise Armlets, allowing her harness the powers of Flora and Terrain to combat Grace.

Attacks: Harnesses the powers of Flora and Terrain, similar to Grace's.

Talisman: Kavya isn't as sentimental as most people, however she does keep a locket close to her heart which matches her twin's. They were given these at their naming ceremony.

Favorite Color:Dark blue, gold or silver

Favorite Food: Grato Steaks (Gratos are said to taste like chicken...but they look like giant Banana Slugs.)

Likes: Crossbows, the idea of being the Empress of Khyron, and the spiritual connection she feels she has to the universe.

Dislikes: Anything or anyone who gets in her way

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