Trisha is the oldest of two kids, born in Arizona, USA and raised in London until the age of ten, when their parents divorced. Their mother wanted to return to the States, but couldn't stand Arizona anymore, and after careful debate...and a tossed dart at map of the continental 48, they ended up in Trinity Cove, WA. Trisha's little sister, Cami (Camille), is only 18 months younger than Trish, and they conflict on most, if not all, issues in life. Trish is dedicated to school, success, lasting relationships (friends, boyfriends, relatives, etc); Cami lives for fun, flings, and doesn't think much about the future. But Trish adores her sister, and envies her in a way, because Cami is very outgoing and Trish is...not. Their apartment in Trinity Cove is one of the better ones, but it doesn't allow pets so Emme (their mother) lives in fear of her darling Maine Coon, Cynthia, being discovered.

Trisha's Weapon
Trisha's Pics
Name: Patricia Louise Emme Davis

Sex: Female

Race: Homo-Sapien

Born: May 7th

Age: 18

Height: 5'6"

Hair Color: Soft blond waves, cut just below above her shoulders.

Eye Color: Blue to Green, depending on the clothes she's wearing.

Appearance: Trish is extraordinarily comfortable. Jeans or khaki pants, sweaters, button-down shirts, t-shirts. Her hair is usually tucked demurely behind her ears, and she rarely wears make-up or jewlery (excluding a small silver locket her best friend sent her from London for her 16th Birthday).

Weapons: Trish bears Gaea's Topaz and the Aquamarine Wand which allows her access to the powers of Heat & Light.

Attacks: "Sol's Wrath" "Melt" "Super Nova" "Blind Rage" (also Ani-mana...see Ani-Mana page).

Talisman: The silver locket from Ilana, her best friend.

Favorite Color: Soft, barely visable, almost like sunlight, Yellow.

Favorite Food: Indian Food - Vindaloos, Curries, etc.

Likes: Movies, Being an Eternal Defender, Honesty

Dislikes: Her sister's frivosity, her mother's cat

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