Ian Gregory

    Ian's young life wasn't easy. Both his parents and his infant brother were killed in a car accident when he was but 3 years old. He had been staying with his mother's cousin and best friend's family, the Pensenos while his father picked up his mom and newborn sibling when the tradgedy struck. Ian has lived with their enormous family ever since. Growing up in a house with numerous semi-siblings and a best friend, Jessie, was nice at times, but the older he got the more he wished his family had been there for him. Ian is a joker, a card, a laughboy. People like him for being slightly silly, often off-beat, and even bluntly honest; unfortunately, Ian doesn't really like acting funny. Often, around those he comes to trust, Ian will fall into quiet repose instead of trying to impress them with his jovial quipping.
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Name: Ian Richard Gregory

Sex: Male

Race: Homo-Sapien

Born: January 13

Age: 18

Height: 6'0"

Hair Color:Spikey Blonde Hair

Eye Color: Deep brown

Appearance: Ian, like his facade, is a bit silly looking. His hair is gelled into 1 1/2 inch spikes across his head, sometimes pointed in a strange direction. He occasionally dresses up in odd clothes just to get a reaction, but in truth, is most comfortable in old sweats, curled on the couch watching stupid movies with Jessie.

Weapons: Ian was given Gaea's Ruby and the Opal Sword with which he uses Fire & Ice to defend the planet.

Attacks: Similar to Tey's

Talisman: Ian's only keepsakes from his parents was his father's watch and his mother's wedding band which he someday hopes to give to a special girl.

Favorite Color: Gray

Favorite Food: Popcorn, with extra-butter and Grated Parmesan Cheese (like the powdery stuff) or Molly McButter shaken on top.

Likes: British comedies, math, silence

Dislikes: Trying to be funny, failure

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