Jessie Penseno

    Jessie has lived in Trinity Cove all of her life, high above the town in the area known as The Crest. Not that her family, which is enormous, is wealthy; the mansion was left to them, having been passed down from generation to generation for over one hundred years. Jessie loves the old house, its creaky floors, its well-loved doors and fixtures. But her family can get to be too much after eighteen years. There is an older brother, Rick (24); an older sister, Shelby (23); Jessie (18); the triplets, (13) Mark, Chris, Paul; the younger sisters, Lissa (12) and Rachel (10), the youngest brother, Corey (9), and the baby, Emily-Ann (1). That count, of 10 (including Jessie) doesn't include Ian Gregory, the somewhat "adopted" sibling (18), Ron Penseno (the father, 49), Kelly Rogers-Penseno (the mother, 44), Lady (the Sheltie, 4), Davie (the grouchy old tomcat, 12), Ruby (the hamster, 1), or Gramma Margie (the paternal grandmother, 70)...all of whom live in the house. *whew* Jessie loves her family, but finds herself taking care of the younger kids more and more since her mother went back to work after Emily's birth, Gramma became ill, and Shelby moved out. A change from her ordinary life is all she wanted when she took a jog one fall afternoon and tripped over a teenaged boy sprawled across the sidewalk, watching the sun fade...
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Name: Jessica Marie Penseno

Sex: Female

Race: Homo-Sapien

Born: December 5th

Age: 17

Height: 5'5"

Hair Color:Light Brown, a few sunny blond streaks

Eye Color: Blue-green

Appearance:Appearance: Jessie is pretty athletic, and her clothes often reflect that; sweats, warm-ups, tennis shoes...Her long hair is often pulled into a thick ponytail at the top of her head, but when she feels "feminine" she'll put on special make-up and allow her hair to frame her face softly..just to impress a certain guy ;)

Weapons: Gaea's Sapphire and the Pearl Sceptor are Jessie's tools to harness Wind and Water in defense of the planet.

Attacks: Simliar to Ro's.

Talisman: A stupid plastic ring Ian gave her a year ago while they sat atop the Ferris Wheel at the Puyallup Fair.

Favorite Color:Peach

Favorite Food: Oranges or Orange Juice

Likes: Fruit, the Outdoors, Rainy nights

Dislikes: Humid heat, excessive vegetables, feeling like the mother of 6 at age 17.

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