The Wandering Warrior

    Agent Lian Kio (family name, given name, as all Khyronian names are phrased), was born on the surgace of Khyron, and grew up with his father, a famous explorer, traveling across the vast, often nearly impassable terrain of the planet. Kio grew strong, intelligent, and learned much of his engineering and problem solving skills first hand, in the field because without functioning equipment, the entire party would have perished. Kio is a pretty lonely guy, and he prefers not to be surrounded by a lot of people. In fact, the only person he truly wishes to get to know better, is Karena. He sees an innocence in her that he rarely cam across in surface dwellers (most Khyronians inhabit enormous, city-sized ships or carefully monitored towns on the planet).
Kio only spent half a term at the acadmey, having been observed by Khyros for his amazing speed and accuracy in repairing crafts. The Emperor General D'Khyron recruited him immediately, and after only weeks as a cadet, Kio was promoted to the General's private force, the Elite Squadron.
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Name: Lian Kio

Sex: Male

Race: Khyronian

Born: Riso 26th

Age: 20

Height: 6'2"

Hair Color:Dark Midnight Blue

Eye Color: Soft Brown

Appearance:Kio is a bit unkempt, even in his perpetual uniform, as he often sleeps in his clothes, and doesn't believe in ironing. His hair is shaggy, his eyes are usually laughing as if at a joke only he knows and though people are drawn to him, he prefers to be alone.

Weapons: Kio, skilled with many typical weapons, as an Elite Squad member must be, was given the armbands laden with Aquamarine stones that allow him to harness Khyron's Heat & Light.

Attacks: Similar to Frank's, including "Sol's Wrath"

Talisman: Kio carries with him the pocketwatch his father packed for every journey he ever made.

Favorite Color: Green (crayola green, not kelly green)

Favorite Food: heese, anywhere, any time, any kind

Likes: Karena, the unexplored regions

Dislikes: Kavya, his current position (he hopes to become First Officer aboard the newest Khyronian city-ship, Opo).

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