The Dead Officer

    Nadia is a computer generated being crafted by merging the personality of a dead computer genius with a slightly reprogrammed cyberbrain. She controls the entire computer system aboard the Posiola. Although there are certain back-ups, protocals, and override codes to protect the ship, and the planet, from an attack of Nadia's jealousy or anger (of which she is capable), this cyber-vixen, as Kavya refers to her, holds the fate of the crew, the planet, and the entire galaxy in her cg hands. Needless to say, even General Khyros steps lightly around Nadia. Her emotions do not stop at anger and jealousy, as Nadia seems to suffer from a distinct crush on the General.
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Name: Nadia (known as Lowen Ina-Nadine when she was Khyronian mortal)

Sex: Female

Race: CG Being (formerly Khyronian)

Born: Her program was given "life" on Vesu 22nd.

Age: Nadia has been about the Posiola for 12 years, but Ina-Nadia died when she was 22 and that is the face Nadia created for herself.

Height: Ina-Nadine was 5'6" at her death

Hair Color:Dark Brown

Eye Color: Soft Green

Appearance: Nadia is typically a 3-d face upon a monitor screen, however she is capable of generating a life-sized holographic body if she so desires (before Kavya came aboard the Posiola Nadia was almost always found walking around on board in her holographic form, attending to her duties and interacting with the crew). When in holographic form Nadia sports an Elite Squad uniform, always black, and long, poker-straight hair.

Weapons: Nadia has control of every conceivable weapon aboard the ship. She could pretty much everything should she wish to.

Attacks: N/A

Talisman: Nadia has only one item remaining from her lifetime on the surface, a small locket given to her by her mother. Khyros keeps it locked away for her, until a technology is developed that will allow her a "hard-light" body.

Favorite Color:Red

Favorite Food: In her life, Nadia loved spicy grilled Yai fillets (Yai are sweet-fleshed fish native to her region of Khyron).

Likes: Khyros, power, researching ways to develop hard-light

Dislikes: Being dead and yet still "alive", Kavya.

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