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    This band of Pioneers travels past the boundaries of the known universe (at the time) and (Details Concealed) *boom* they've created our little system. Now...fast forward a few million millenia and there is a storm a-brewing. Of the nine planets they created, seven have "died" or are "dying". The refugee from these planet all moved to the logical choice, the biggest...Jupiter. Only problem? Not long afterward, Jupiter too began to show sign of death. Humin Gaea has a ring of spies around the galaxy, on her planet and they bring word of a plot unfolding on Jupiter. On Earth, which is flourishing, Gaea has two primary races; Humans and the Humins. The Humins are fairy-like beings, the Humans are...us. The Humins help Gaea maintain her Humans. Its a well-run organization :)
    There is one difference between Gaea's planet and all the rest; when it came time to maintain the planet with the four elemental crystals, they kept the powers for themselves ruling as immortal deities. Gaea, however, implanted her powers into the genetic lines of her people and in every generation there are four Defenders, (though it isn't only running in families as the power has spread from the first generation down, and can spring up anywhere). Gaea has never needed to call upon her Defenders before, but now Iren has sent a scouting party to Earth and Gaea can assume where this may lead. She summons the Defenders and *surprise* they attempt to defend the Earth.

All "The Eternal Defenders" characters, images, and the official stories are Copyright 1998-2000 by JoC.
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