Humin Gaea
The Guardian

       Humin Gaea (l,f) was born on Loia, which was a member of the enormous League of United Planets. Her hometown was Kryss, a college-town somewhat distant from the major cities on Loia. Gaea's family was small, she lived with only her grandmother (Humin Olah), who died when Gaea was eighteen. Following Humin Olah's death, Gaea entered the university with her best friend, Venus Bati.
    During her first year she met Tristan Kenedias (f,l) in a class that studied an ancient culture who worshipped a goddess by the name or Earthia. Tristan and Gaea became very close, in spite of objections by his parents; Iren and Jupisa.
The two girls heard about the amazing theories of the cutting-edge Kryss University researchers during their second year of college. Gaea hesistated, unsure of whether or not this venture would be damaging, before agreeing to join the party....
*FAST FORWARD* a few millenia and Gaea is alone on Earth. She has created two major races: the first was Humin...fairy-like creatures based on her own genetic structure (ergo the name), the second was Human, creatures lacking the innate ability to harness universal "magics" and wings. The Humins work with Gaea, whom they call The Guardian, to aid progress of the Human civilization. Gaea is incredibly proud of her work on Earth and refuses to allow a hostile take-over by Iren Kenedias...or anyone else. When her network of Humin spies discover a plot by Iren to send the refugees from Jupiter to Earth, Gaea is stunned. She holds a generational meeting for all Humins in the most recent generation, 12. Hoping to locate at least two of the four defenders, Gaea is disappointed. Only one Humin is part of the team; Grace Sicca.
After meeting with Grace and sending her off to ward off any attacks Gaea is forced to sit idly by and hope for the best...or is she?

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Name: Humin Gaea

Sex: Female

Race: Ulanth (they have concealable wings and an ability to use "Magics")

Born: Besu 2 (May 12th on the 13 Month Kryssian Calendar)

Age: 20 (at time of departure

Height: 5'9'

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Violet

Appearance: Gaea typically wears a sarong style gown, the height of fashion on Kryss when she was in college. Her hair tumbles past her shoulders in waves when worn down, however she likes to pile it into a roll and pin it high on the back of her head.

Weapons: Gaea is a self-proclaimed,"Lover, not a fighter". However, her worry during TED; Khyros causes her to create a device of her own. It is a transparent crystalline ball upon a setting that is carved to look like leaves. Her weapon, takes a combination of all six crystals and creates an inpenetrable fortress. It is almost entirely for defense of her "children" and does no damage.

Attacks: "Entity Barrier"

Talisman: Gaea's only real memorabilia from her family on Loia was a small silver band which she keeps in a picture frame

Favorite Color: White

Favorite Food: Savory Baked Potato Wedges (like Jo-Jos)

Likes: Watching over her races, gardening in her personal space, and pining for Tristan.

Dislikes: Iren & Jupisa Kenedias.

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