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    Bawbi (baw-bee) Rakae (rähh-kay), known to his Human friends as Bobby, grew up on the Guardian's Isle with his widowed father. He knew Grace's niece, Jatuce Sicca and was quite good friends with her. He did, in fact, have a tremendous crush on her and was two hours away from telling her exactly how he felt and asking her to allow him to court her when he recieved a summons from the Regent, Sigro, who was also Jatuce's slightly over-protective father. Sigro told him that he was an "eternal defender" just like the infamous Grace Sicca who had married a Human. Unsure of how to tell his father, Bobby roamed the village aimlessly until he bumped into Jatuce. She was upset to hear that he was leaving, but after confessing a secret infatuation, Jatuce promised that she would visit him in the Human realm soon...Then Bobby gathered his few personal belongings and headed out in search of the mysterious Guardian...

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Name: Bawbi Rakae

Sex: Male

Race: Humin

Born: August 10th

Age: 19

Height: 5'10"

Hair Color: Deep Auburn, kept very short

Eye Color: Hazel

Appearance: Bobby's wings are much like Sigro Sicca's, quite pointed. He maintains a very obvious pattern in his clothing, and lifestyle for that matter. Black shoes, dark socks, khaki slacks, white dress shirt. Rarely, at least after he first arrives, is Bobby seen in anything else.

Weapons: As the bearer of Gaea's Emerald and the Turquoise Sword, Bobby wields Terrain and Flora.

Talisman: Though he never brings it out, in his personal luggage, Bobby always has a polished gem that his mother made into a single earring for him.

Favorite Color:Burgandy

Favorite Food: Cheese Sauce over Noodles

Likes: Jatuce, The Realm, A steady routine

Dislikes: Surprises, being away from Jatuce and his father

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