The Sicca Family

    Lazro and Juta have known each other since they were children and were married young. To ask either one, when was it that they first realized they were meant to be, would recieve the same answer from each...that they day they met was the day they fell. Juta was a seamstress and Lazro was recruited into The Guardian's army as a spy. They had two children together and were still in love the day death finally separated them. Both were born in Gaea's world as equals, every one (excepting those in Her immediate court/staff) in Her realm is considered to have the same social ranking.
    Sigro is the older brother of Grace. He grew up under his mother's wing until The Guardian put him through private training. He is now a forerunner in the field of Preservation. Sigro met his wife, Linta, at his academy. She was studying Preservation as well, having lived for several years in the Amazon with her brother who was attempting to find ways to reassemble, reconstruct the rainforest ecology. Linta and Sigro didn't hit it off immediately. He disagreed passionately with many of her ideas & theories, spending much of his free trying to disprove her. It was as he verbally abused her ideaology in front of a large class that Sigro saw Linta in a new light and from then on worked with her, instead of against her. Not long after they were married and Sigro was brought into the Guardian's circle of advisors. Linta became pregnant and though she consults with Sigro, she is now a full-time mother to their infant daughter, Jatuce.

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Name: Lazro Sicca
    Juta Sicca
    Sigro Sicca
    Linta Sicca (no mention of former last names in this culture)
    Jatuce Sicca

Sex: Male

Race: Humin (they are winged and many have magical abilities that vary)
    see above
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Born: Polan 1st (13 month calandar, equivalent to April)
    Pulo 29th (equals October)
    Fino 7th (equals July)
    Mai 24th (equals May)
    Kas 14th (equals December)

Age: 45
    11 months

Height: 5'11"

Hair Color: Mousey brown
    Reddish gold
    Jet Black
    Deep Auburn

Eye Color: Serious & Gray
    Vivid Blue
    Inquisitive Blue

Appearance: Lazro wears his hair fairly short and maintains his Guardian uniform at all times. He is a warm and gentle man, especially with his children and granddaughter. His wings are a bit more pointed than Grace's, but less than his bride's. He smiles and his eyes light up, making them appear almost silver.
    Juta is very casual in her dress & mannerisms. She has no fear of wearing very short shorts or mod-youth look Humin garbs. Juta is extremely blind from years of threading tiny needles and now is only able to do the crude stitches she first learnt as a toddler.
    Sigro is very much like his father as he must have his suit, hair, & presentations absolutely perfect and/or up to code requirements. He wears a gold ring in his left ear, given to him when he became a father for the first time. His wings are very pointed, a feature he was glad his daughter didn't seem to inherit.
    Linta is sweet but prim. She must have her own attire in extreme order as well as her husband and daughter's. She cannot rest until every chore is fully finished nor can she sleep as a hobby. She wears her hair pulled away from her face by a headband at all times. Her wings are shaped very similarly to Juta's, and her feet are remarkably small.
    The precious precocious infant Jatuce is beautiful, with silky baby hair and an eternal grin. She can walk several steps by herself currently and grows more skilled each day.

Weapons: Lazro is skilled only in defense with a traditional Humin weapon called...negotiations/diplomacy.
    Juta has no such talents.
    Sigro learnt much of the Human's "Martial Arts" during his studies & travels abroad.
    Linta has a mouth dart gun that she became skilled with while traveling the Amazon.
    Stinky diapers...?

Attacks: n/a
    Juta does possess the ability to perform extra-Humin magics, but does not.

Talisman: Lazro has a gift given to him when Sigro was born, and a second from Grace's birth; golden earrings which he cannot wear for reasons of being inconspicuous.
    Juta passed her Faerie Dove Wand onto Grace already.
    Sigro cherishes the gold earring he was awarded at Jatuce's birth.
    Linta wears a beaded bracelet she was given by her friend in the Amazon, Badu-Aloi
    Jatuce doesn't understand the concept yet, but Linta plans to pass her bracelet onto her when she is old enough to comprehend.

Favorite Color: Invisible (it would make his job easier *smile*)

Favorite Food: Baked Potatos
    Spicy salsa over fried rice
    Golden Delicious Apples
    Steamed Carrots
    Baby beverages & strained peas

Likes: Working for the Guardian, his family
    Sewing, Mythology
    Ecology, being a father
    Traveling (she can't wait until Jatuce is old enough to visit Human territories).
    Sleeping, eating, teething toys frozen

Dislikes: Meat products, being infirm
    Blindness, the Guardian
    Being away from his family
    Violence of all forms, the sight of blood
    Strained carrots, big dogs

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