Pakhar Meemo
The Toady

       Pakhar Meemo was born on Saturn, youngest son (but only survivor) of the Saturnian nobility. He was chosen to be the future husband of Saturn & Sharla's unborn daughter. His family was killed in a violent trembling of the terrain, which actually caused the death of every single upper crust Saturnian who had gathered upon a flat mesa where they assumed they'd be perfectly safe until Saturn returned from Jupiter. They were wrong and the only reason Pakhar wasn't with his family was because he'd been *ahem* getting it on *ahem* with a peasant girl in the square of the capital city. Pakhar is a sniveling little teenager, snide and rude, but a complete brown-noser, at least until the day he and Saturn were asked to visit the Eternal Defenders.

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Name: Pakhar Yatan Meemo

Sex: Male

Race: Saturnian (based on the Riod race)

Born: Kas 2nd (equal to December)

Age: 18 (when he was taken to Jupiter )

Height: 6'2"

Hair Color: Short, spikey, maroon

Eye Color: A strange puke-green color

Appearance: His hair is so short, rumpled spikes atop a shining teen face with a pointy nose & thin, sneering lips. He's a bit taller than most Saturnians, but not nearly as quiet and well meaning. Pakhar is a complete kiss-@$$ around adults and other VIPs, but around say, Nia he's a just an @$$. *smile*

Weapons: He has a blade-ended wand with a tiny bit of each crystals.

Attacks: Finale (see Saturn)

Talisman: Pakhar might have counted his wedding band as a keepsake, but he really didn't have time to.

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Cheese sauce over Taio (Saturnian dish of diced poultry, onion gravy, potatoes and spices...a bit like a Chicken Vindaloo with Cheese Sauce)

Likes: Getting to "live forever", the idea of mating with an unborn "chick", really really HOT foods

Dislikes: Mild things, Nia's reluctance

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