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Nia Mattiasa

    Saturnia Mattiasa hasn't has a very long life, in fact, she was only born about two weeks ago (at the end of TED; UIH). Her mother, Sharla, was fed synthetic, experimental drugs during her pregnancy to accelerate the babies' growth while prolonging the gestation period. The idea was her father's (Saturn), but the pills were the brain-children of Dr. Merkus Faragon. She was convinced to join the council on Jupiter by Iren Kenedias. Nia didn't mind attacking Sarah, Grace, Ro, and Tey, as well as Frank and Matt. She actually would have enjoyed the revenge had she not been * mean you wanted to see this spoiler? too bad!*. Now she's stuck upon the good (?) ship Posiola with a new love and some strange "people"...

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Name: Saturnia Mattiasa..."Nia"

Sex: Female

Race: Riod (and 1/6 a muddled mix)

Born: Lai 5 (March)

Age: 2 weeks (aproximately 18-20 years of development)

Height: 5'9"

Hair Color: Long, curly & silver

Eye Color: Bright Orange

Appearance: Nia looks bitchy...that's the nicest way to put it. She sneers, is arrogant, and has a soft spot in her heart for a certain somebody. Nia is out for a bit of revenge, and looks angry (unless she looks beaten like a puppy). Her hair is wavy and reaches almost to her knees. She loves yellow clothes and finds somber colors such as gray & black boring.

Weapons: She has her transformation locket, her father's Saturn Scepter, and her "husband's" Saturn Blade. She also has her mother's tiara (as well as her own).

Attacks: Finale (like her father), as well as several untapped powers due to her current situation.

Talisman: Her transformation locket, it allows her to change into a "Mana" form, as well as several other forms to blend in with whomever she needs to.

Favorite Color: Yellow and Turquoise

Favorite Food: Various vintage wines, liqueors

Likes: Her grown-up body, and that someone ;)

Dislikes: The Eternal Defenders, Iren

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