The Baron & His Bride

    Saturn was born to a large family of royalty on the planet Riod in the LUP. He was the only living son and thereby heir to the Mattiasa throne. His father died just after his youngest sibling's birth, Saturn was six. His mother ruled Riod with courage and honor until she was striken down with an acute case of Fyrian influenza. Saturn was tweleve when he took the helm. Ruling such a small planet, insignifigant to the LUP due to its petite stature, tiny population, and lack of mass production of...anything. Riod had always been self sufficient, and remained so until Saturn was approximately thirty-four. At this point a devastating drought his his world and the crops all died. Most of their water dried up and soon half of the population was starving to death. Saturn began looking to the nearby LUP allies for help, finally meeting Iren Kenedias, an up and coming political name on Loia. Saturn pledged that all Riod citizens whom were living on Loia until the drought ended would vote Iren into office if he would in-turn, give their small planet the aid it needed. Soon Iren was governor of Loia and Riod was given a new outlook. But Saturn grew tired of attending all the important events of his busy life alone and decided the time had come to find a bride. He didn't have to look far. Three days following his vow he met a young courtier's daughter, fresh out of the university, at a ball in Kryss. Saturn fell for her immediately, and asked her father for her hand that very night. Within a month they'd been allowed to meet and Saturn announced his engagement. At the end of their third month together Emperor Saturn Mattiasa married the girl and she became Emperess Sharla Napol DeBroc Mattiasa. Sharla had been an excellent student at the university, majoring in Philosophy. She loved "intrigues" and when a pair of friends from school, Venus Bati and Humin Gaea, told her they'd signed up for a mission to create a new world Sharla practically begged Saturn to sign them up. He wasn't happy about the idea at first, leaving the planet his family had ruled for centuries without a son of his to rule, but they'd hardly been married three weeks when, to please his bride, Saturn named his young cousin, Opan, Emperor of Riod.
    Though Sharla never disliked Saturn, the very idea of a modern woman having been pawned away by her own father was apalling to her. She fought with her mother for days before agreeing to meet this arrogant *older* fellow who adored her. It wasn't love at first sight, perhaps a bit of like, but no love. Sharla admits to her daughter, Nia, that perhaps love was never meant to be between them, but there was such a strong devotion and fondness that it may as well have been *love*.

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Name: Saturn Mattiasa, Emperor of Riod, LUP
    Sharla Napol DeBroc Mattiasa, Empress of Riod, LUP

Sex: Male

Race: Riod (full-blooded & proud of it)
v3/4 Riod, 1/4 a muddled mixture of Ulanth, Iun, and Antan.

Born: Esa 13th (13th month)
    Lopin 2nd (equal to September)

Age: 38 (at time of departure)
    24 (at time of departure)

Height: 6'1"

Hair Color: Vivid (manic panic) Orange

Eye Color: Brown

Appearance: Saturn is quite overweight, and makes no attempt to rememdy the fact. He's typically jolly, though at times can be too worrisome. Saturn frowns around Iren, whom he considers a friend even though he's scared of the man. He modeled his new crown after the one he wore on his planet, changing the Riod symbol at the top into a small cystaline model of his planet with its rings and a scaled down golden Riod arrow top it (pointing up toward *the apex*). He has curly locks when they grow out (especially at the nape of his neck) and a curled mustache. He loves his long cape, it makes him feel "more majestic".
    Sharla is quiet, reserved. She's frail, thin, and when she smiles her eyes light up like a cloud of swamp gas that has sunlight reflecting off of Venus and into it. She isn't fond of the palace life, which is why she chose to attend University instead of going to Court. Her tiara is a scaled down version of Saturn's, including the Riod arrow atop it. Her hair is only a bit below shoulder length now, having been much longer in the past, much like Nia's, only straight. Her gowns are form fitting, by Riod custom, even during her long pregnancy.

Weapons: Saturn carries his "Saturn Rod" which holds a portion of each of the four crystals in it. The core of the planet atop his crown is the Life & Soul crystal. He is not a hand-to-hand combat kind of guy.
    Sharla is completely adverse to violence but Saturn created a small version of his rod for her when they first arrived on the planet. It had a bit of all four crystals in it as well as a dagger's blade on the end. This later was bestowed upon Pakhar Meemo, the Saturnian noble chosen to marry the daughter Sharla & Saturn were trying to concieve.

Attacks: Finale (a combination attack that encompasses all bits of his powers).

Talisman: He has a necklace, technically it should belong to the current Emperor of Riod but Saturn "accidently" took it with him when he left, that his father had crafted for him on the day of his birth.
    Sharla has a small white jewlery box that was given to her by Yulen, the man she'd hoped to marry until his death during their junior year at Kryss University.

Favorite Color: Dark blue

Favorite Food: Just about anything, but especially a Cheesecake-like pudding called Ulla-mo.
    Kiroa (sautéed mushrooms over steamed rice)

Likes: Power, Sharla, his daughter
    Philosophy, Gaea, flying

Dislikes: Iren's anger & politics
    Pakhar Meemo's parents, Ulla-mo

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