~*~October 27, 2000~*~ Okay. So I'm going to fail my oral exam in Japanese on Monday, at least the page got updated :P Hehe. Gotta get back to serious work now kiddies.

~*~October 22, 2000~*~ AHHH! I updated. Again. Wow...so frequently :P I'm sure you noticed the new opening layout by now. There's some new poetry up, one for Ushi, seven for Leo. Ummm...new Journal entry. *shudder* Hi To Adrian, in case he ever stumbles across here. hehe. Oh yeah, right =)

~*~October 19, 2000~*~ Ahh...I updated. New layout and new stuff in the Ushi-Bio section and lots more pics there too. I'm working on a great new game (in conjunction with Leo) for ya'll to play =) More coming almost immediately!

~*~October 9, 2000~*~ Well, again I forget to update my update page whenever I update. We've got lots of new wallpapers, its all good =) The new Black Lady Layouts, hehe =) Um...otherwise? I'm studying my Hiragana this afternoon, so there prolly won't be anymore updates

~*~August 31, 2000~*~ Oh my. I actually *have* updated since the last entry here, just too lazy to write about it. And with the big move (never again! hehe) and getting ready to start school again in a couple weeks, things have been hellacious (is that how you spell it?). But now for the good stuff. Finally updated the quiz and poll, I'll be uploading all my spiffy wallpapers...including a really cute one of Harle (Nicole to HP and I) from Chrono Cross and Quistis! There are more coming as well...and some Icons...and a theme or two I made (Harle again, she's just sooo adorable!). Going to throw up a couple snippets from the third part of TED and some Madaya stuff. Oooh! (Today will be busy) I've also got some ugly new drawings to post in the Gallery! These will all be uploaded today and/or tomorrow, so check back! And thanks for all the hits, I've finally passed 26000 hits. And I'm putting a link to my webcam on the page too.

~*~June 3, 2000~*~ *whew* Glad I finished this update just in time for the party to begin downstairs! Lots of new stuff, all the profiles (should) be up now! With the new layout...hope you like ;) hehe There is some new artwork to upload tomorrow...assuming I wake up at a descent hour...yeah right ^_^

~*~May 28, 2000~*~ After a terrible defeat at Milleniumopoly on Friday ;P hehe Sweet Tangerine here decided to update the old page instead of walering in self-pity...the graphics page is up, the rants were updated, more profiles will be finished either tonight or tomorrow and uploaded =)

~*~May 14, 2000~*~ Happy Mother's Day. Another new pic in the gallery, hope you like it ;) There will be some new logos soon too, I just have to take the time to zip them all up, thumbnail, upload :P Lazy days are here, whoo hoo. *winks*

~*~May 12, 2000~*~ Happy Birthday to me...yada yada yada. Things are popping up all over the place. New stuff in the gallery (yeah, so much for getting the main features up let's update the sections, :P O'well, my priorities are, if nothing else, mine) a few profiles are up, expect the rest soon. I think I lost the "tedicons.zip" file, so I may have to completely re-do them. O'well.

~*~May 06, 2000~*~ Well, now...we're updating like a mad banshee. We? I mean me. I've got the Edea, Quistis & Leah shrines up...yeah, they're weird, but I like them so there ;P hehe Everything else will be up and fixed in the next day or so...assuming things go as they should (but won't :P)...the galleries and web graphics will take the longest to get going

~*~September 26th, 1999~*~ Wow. I don't know why it took me three months...but it did. Updated the front page, the index page, the updates page (hehe), Sorceress Edea's Shrine, and added new graphics to the moonie page. *sighs* STILL not done with the art for those last three profiles, but after working two jobs all summer, I didn't really have time for (though I made time for the Bravo guys, hehe...nm). ANYway... :)

~*~June 17th, 1999~*~Okay...its still all done :) Things have been CRAAAAAZY around here lately, so there isn't much to update, but I promise I'll get on the ball by mid-July (just in time for me to fall off the ball with vacations, hehe).

~*~June 7th, 1999~*~Well now, its all done (been done for a couple of days now...but I've been too lazy to upload the update page!) Of course, there are always new things in the works, and this is no exception. Other than more Web graphics and Windows Logos...I've got a few special little goodies in mind =) We'll just have to wait and see how it all works out! OHHHHH, I almost forgot, I'm still working on the artwork for Nadia, Crozi, Kio, and Kaiami. Sorry about the delay, my pencil hasn't been working very well lately, ;) hehe

~*~May 24th, 1999~*~Okay, I lied :) Here it is, Monday, and I'm not quite done yet...*sigh* I'm working on it ;) Can it really be this late in May? Oy...5/24 has never been a good day for me, and its the 2nd year anniversary of the worst 5/24 ever...*smile* ANYway, hope you enjoy the new look =)

~*~May 14th, 1999~*~Alrighty, more updates! The new look is coming along really nicely, I've got almost half of the pages I plan to convert done, so yay...I'm hoping to finish everything by Monday, so that I can concentrate on other things...like the third book of the trilogy.

~*~May 12th, 1999~*~Zum Geburstag liebe Ushi...*laughs* Singing to myself, hehe...*anyway* The new look is partially here, you *may* noticed, hehe. As for the design, I'm looking for feedback, so let me know if you like it or not =) Okay, the profiles will probably be the last thing updated this time, sorry to people who are waiting to take a peek at Kaiami, Agent Crozi, Lian Kio, and Nadia.

~*~May 3rd, 1999~*~ Sailormoon Update! New Web Graphix, plus, check out the Moonie Quiz & Poll

~*~May 1st, 1999~*~ Well, the May Quiz is up! Results of the April Poll & Quiz will be posted shortly =)

~*~April 24, 1999~*~ FINALLY the Gallery is working...As for the new look? I'm still not satisfied with the layout...so look for some remodeling soon, k? =)

~*~April 15, 1999~*~ Been busy, sorry! I'm working on the Gallery, so the wait is *almost* over!

~*~April 6, 1999~*~ A historic day in UUUP History! I got a little e-mail from a friend today with this:

in it!!!! Its taken awhile, but I've finally hit 1000...now we'll just work on getting up to 1000000! ;D Yeah right...hehe. BTW, the snippets *are* on their way today.

~*~April 5, 1999~*~ Oooh...I've been painfully delayed, but don't worry ;) It'll be all good by tomorrow.

~*~April 2, 1999~*~ April Fools Day sucks ;P Although it was cool of my favorite station to go disco for the morning show ;) Anyway, the latest buzz around watercooler...er, which would probably be the creek out back *shudder* but ANYway, the snippets are coming...maybe as soon as *gasp* today! Hope ya'll have a great weekend (and/or Easter if that applies to you).

~*~March 31, 1999~*~ Gee, been awhile, eh? Well, I'm still flying soooo high, I finished the initial writing of The Eternal Defenders II; Khyros!!! Whoo hoo! Now, I begin work on the third...oy vey ;) Also, I've been working on a couple new logos, but I haven't decided whether or not I'll upload them or not (at least until after I finish my total revamp...yes, another one...). But, an actual update is the addition of the Kryssian Calendar. Its just a bit o' info for ya, and I'll be posting the first installment of The Eternal Defenders: Unite In Honor later this week...look for snippets from my books at Antizygodactyl Forever! my bestest buddy's page! Final results for the poll and quiz will be posted tonight too! Sorry for not keeping up with the Hall Of Fame very well...*blush*

~*~March 17, 1999~*~ Luck o' The Irish to You! I've fixed the About Ushi Page, and the List page as well. Added a few pics to both and generally tweaked a few bugs.

~*~March 16, 1999~*~ Kewlness, got all 8 of the series 8 summaries and reviews posted =) Hope you enjoy 'em.

~*~March 14, 1999~*~ Oh my LORD! Yeah, I watched the Series VIII of Red Dwarf, great =) All eight episodes are great. Luved Krytie TV! Anyway, I'll have the reviews and summaries up tonight if possible, otherwise, defiantely tomorrow! For now...click here to see the little logo I made for the occasion

~*~March 12, 1999~*~ FOUR more logos are up! A Red Dwarf, A T.E.D., and TWO Edeas ;) I'm going to try to make some little preview images for the logos this morning.

~*~March 11th, 1999~*~ Alright. Second Generation Defender Profiles are *up* as well as the Animana definition page! My "About Ushi" Page is up, beware, its more info than anyone needs to know ;) Oh yeah, and the first people to score on the quiz are posted!

~*~March 10th, 1999~*~ Gee, these updates will probably slow down *majorly* when I go back to classes for Spring Quarter :) Until then, revel in the wonderousness that is...more logos...heh. By special request we've got a Start-Up featuring Hino Rei & Aino Minako, and a Logo with the Panther from the poem, Lost Soul. Hope you like 'em :) Oh! It was brought to my *ahem* attention that I neglected to post my "About Ushi" page, so I'll try to do that tonight...k?

~*~March 10th, 1999~*~ *whew* New logos are up. Just a few bits of poetry left to get posted, but that's almost done too! I *luv* the number of hits I've gotten the past few days, thanks every one! Allies Page updated...hehe, still working on those pics though...stupid scanner ;/ I'm thinking about adding a Leah Andreone page, any thoughts? BTW, for all those Witch Edea fans, I did a Logo with her on it =) AND, the Hi-Res B&W pics I used for the 3 new FF8 logos (as well as the others that I didn't) are awesome! You can check them out at the GIA. Click their Media page there! Tons of great movies, CG, info...*whew* And I'm totally psyched to see that FF8 will hit the US at the beginning of September!

~*~March 8th, 1999~*~ (6:35 p.m.) Okay, *whew* I finished the TED Profiles (excluding pics of the 4 I mentioned previously), checked up on my links, and I've got a couple more logos ready for upload =)

~*~March 8th, 1999~*~ (1:30 a.m.) This time I think I solved the problems...maybe :) *EVERY* link should hit a page, even if it just tells you that it is under construction. I've gotten the Red Dwarf page up, as well as the 3 final TED profiles (Chaos, Life, & Kaiami), however I've added profiles for Agents Lian Kio & Crozi, as well as Nadia. These 3 will be posted soon, I promise! I have to get my scanner working again soon so that I can get pics of Kaiami and the 3 new guys done. Oh yeah, and don't complain about my not-so-amazing artwork. I'm a writer, not an artist. I just wanted people to get an idea of what I see in my head...and if anyone does Fan Art of my characters, go ahead and send it to me, I'll be happy to add them to the gallery :) *yawn* Sleepy time for Ushi.

~*~March 7th, 1999~*~ In memory of Salome Holly, as well as her mother and sister... Yet another senseless tragedy has rocked the community where I grew up. Five students at my former high school have been killed during the 1998-1999 school year.

~*~March 6th, 1999~*~ (3:30 p.m.) The Logos are UP!

~*~March 6th, 1999~*~ (noon) Fixed the hitlist, heh...working on getting the whole page functional by this afternoon =)

~*~March 6th, 1999~*~ (3 a.m.) Uploaded new hitlist, still working on getting those logos up though. Check out the new features...including the poll, the quiz, and make sure to sign the Guestbook =D

~*~March 5th, 1999 ~*~ Minor revisions :)

~*~March 4th, 1999 ~*~ FINALLY got around to uploading all the changes and new additions to the page. Thanks to those who waited oh-so-patiently ;P I've finished all but 3 of the T.E.D. profiles (yes, even Tristan...jeez). What else? The Logo page is up and running...except that I haven't uploaded the zip files yet...Sorry :) New Guestbook, this one *should* work. The Death In The Family page was updated, and I'm working on getting the Gallery fixed too :) Its amazing what you can lose when you take down your page for a major re-vamp and suffer a crash...ugh...still trying to recover.

~*~February 27th, 1999 ~*~ Yeah yeah yeah. Sorry guys, but I've been too busy writing to find time for this page. I'll try to remedy that soon :) I promise...Gypsy Promise even ;D

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