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    Agent Crozi, also known as number 3430-231-A33, is a cutting edge Bio-Droid created by the infamous scientist, Pol Jui. Jui designed the A33 series to be human in every conceivable way, from their raw movements to their emotional and even sexual urges. Crozi is an oft decorated scholar, serving aboard the Posiola under General Khyros as navigation officer. He is a member of the Elite Squad, a small (elite) group of special agents that serve Khyros personally, other members are Mosos Kavya, Mosos Karena, and Lian Kio. Though he is realistically fitted with fiber optic organs (including epidermis and a limited circulatory system) and a mostly organic brain, Crozi has certain mental blocks in programming to prevent violent rages or other extremes in behavior; he has a behavior modifier implanted within his skull. Due to his restrictions, Crozi's personality is fairly limited as he does not experience "free will" in his decisions.
Crozi's Weapon
TED Wallpaper
Crozi Pics
Name: Crozi (#3430-231-A33)

Sex: Male

Race: Bio Droid, A33 series of the Pol Jui model

Born: His inception date is Lai 17th.

Age: He appears to be approximately 25 years of age.

Height: 6'4"

Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Appearance: Crozi appears human in almost every way. He wears the typical Khyronian Elite Squadron uniform and is meticulous in his neatness. Crozi keeps his hair short and clean cut, his nails trimmed, and learned to flirt from the notorious ladies man, Agent Rik Grunne.

Weapons: Crozi is given a set of wristbands which are laden with Garnets. He is the bearer of the Elements for Khyros' defenders.

Attacks: Similar to Matt's.

Talisman: Crozi's only personal item is a unique pin in the shape of a side-ways figure eight (infinity symbol) given to him by Pol Jui on his inception date.

Favorite Color:Crozi has no such tastes, but enjoys the color yellow.

Favorite Food: Bio-Droids typically eat a very well regulated diet of synthetic vitamins and liquids designed to enhance performance and prolong run-time. None are especially tasty though Crozi does like to sneak in a pastry whenever the opportunity arises.

Likes: His career, reading

Dislikes: His only wish is that he was a true human. He is jealous of Nadia because she once was human.

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